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Is This Fair?

Category: My Psychic Life

Is this fair?

We recently had a new client who told us that she had to borrow the money to pay for her reading with us. This always worries us a lot because we believe that if a person is struggling to pay they should go without their consultation rather than struggle.  It also worried us that she wanted the longest and most in depth reading that we offer, the most expensive one.  Usually very few people ask for this consultation,  and it seems odd to ask for it when you are so short of money. There is no rush, we are happy to wait however long it takes.

They asked one question. They said that they knew that the LAW OF THE UNIVERSE was arranging for them to have an enormous amount of money fall into their lap soon. Millions.  (we have no idea of how they "know " this, it is a lovely thought). Now thinking about it what was urgent about this question that it was worth going without or borrowing and getting into more debt for? Why not just wait until the so called guaranteed windfall happens?

They wanted to know when this would happen.  Notice the question was when, not if.

Beth Shepherd did the reading and was honest. Extremely honest. And she pointed out that there would be no windfall, no enormous amount of money coming their way just like that as a gift from wherever.

And for anyone who still doubts Beth and her abilities here are some more, yes more, testimonials for you to check out.  You can also read a bit more about her life here. And that the client - who was only working now and then for a few hours needs to get a proper job so that they have a proper income and can get out of debt. We have a whole blog on the subject of ungenuine clients with a lot of great comments from our real clients! Why not read them and add your comment too?

They also need to stop spending lots of money on expensive in depth long clairvoyant readings while they have debts. You know I work for Beth Shepherd full time in her office, I also do a part time job two evenings a week,  every week, and I cannot afford a reading with Beth, so it beggars belief that someone who does not work most of the time can. 

The client was furious.  Absolutely furious to read that they would not get this enormous windfall from The Universe and complained and asked for their money back. Is this not the same as shooting the messenger?  And if they were so sure they were going to get this enormous FREE GIFT surely they would have just shrugged off what Beth said and said to themselves well Beth is wrong but I know the truth and I will be rich soon.  If they are so sure of that then why try desperately to get the price of the consultation back? A person who is sure they will be rich soon would not bother.  And they would recognise that the clairvoyant psychic has done the work paid for and how unfair it is that they do not get paid for it. 

Well,  if the person wants the truth they get it. If they do not like it that is not our fault.

We would not be helping someone if we lied to them and told them what they want to hear, especially when they might then carry on spending enormous amounts of money they cannot afford because they are relying on a non existent windfall.

You do have to wonder about how mentally stable some people are. 

Silly eh? 

Beth Shepherd psychic medium 

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rhubarb and custard Says:
Jesus ! Only an idiot borrows money to get a psychic consultation and even more stupid if it's to find out about money! When will these people wise up.
Sarah Says:
I know what it is like. I used to do tarot card readings for a tiny amount and had people wanting to come and see me two or three times a week. They always got all put out and annoyed if I said sorry I am going out / got visitors / working / whatever when they wanted to see me. As if I was not allowed a life or to earn a living. One day my husband said to me look, I don't want to spoil things or upset you, but this week you worked all week and then you saw six people saturday and it was about the same all of the other saturdays for a few months now. We have not spent a whole weekend together for ages. I would love to take you out for a lovely day shopping and stuff but when I suggest it you tell me you are having to see these people. Yet they pay you a few cents, just a few cents, virtually nothing. You lose a whole day and all they lose is a few cents. I am sorry but I think they are taking advantage of you and ruining our weekends. He was right.I found it hard to be strong and stick to it but I did. I put the prices up. Not because I wanted them to pay me more but because it was better for me if I had free saturdays and that was the only way to stop them from making so many bookings.
JanineWilkinson Says:
This lady is clearly either very greedy and selfish, maybe also very immature and not very self aware, or she is mentally ill. Sadly you do get these sort of people attaching themselves to psychics when they want something and feeling that the psychics are obliged to tolerate it and go along with it - all on their terms. My sister used to be a working psychic. She worked on the phone lines for a bit , the cheap ones, and she would get people asking her to do spells that would make them rich. Never mind that my sister was staying up all night taking calls for a pittance. Why would she stay up all night working for a few brass farthings and then make sure that people who ring have a far better and more luxurious life than she has? People who do not work?
And they expected her ro to this all for free when they had ended the phone call! Others would ask her to do a reading for them the day after (in her own spare time, unpaid) and try to get her to email them or phone them with it all, again all for free. Because they were too mean to pay the small fee the agency charged per minute for a phone call. None of these people cared about my sister at all. She could have starved while she was doing all this for free. My sister hated to say no yet if she said yes she was expected to sign off the phone lines and lose money she needed to do a free reading. She was a human being. She deserved respect and she deserved a decent lifestyle, same as anyone else. She had no car, no holidays, no luxuries. She had to get herself an old second hand television and fridge.I wonder if any of these selfish people would have bought her a new television and fridge if she had made the rich?! No, of course not. I was delighted to hear she had given up doing that job, it was sucking the life out of her, as well as being badly paid and awful hours. She is training to be a manicurist and working in a shop part time now. No more working evenings and weekends, no more working for free. And for the first time for ages sne was able to buy herself a lovely new fridge.
tarotladyusa Says:
Ok. But one of the reasons that clients sometimes complain is because they want to invalidate what they were told. If they are told that their ex will never return or, in the case of this nut case, that she will never get loads of money fall into her lap easy peasy, and she hates the idea the spiritualist is right when they say it will not happen, they have to somehow prove the spiritualist is wrong. The more they rant about how the spiritualist is wrong the more they feel they are putting the spiritualist down and the more they put them down the more they think they have proved they are wrong. I would say though protesteth too much.
I get it loads. And I am sorry but from now on when someone asks me stuff like will he come back I always say yes. They do not want the truth. And I get too much hassle when I tell them the truth.
X Says:
Is this for real eh? You don't bother to work and spend and spend and spend and then ask the Universe to give you pots of money and problem solved? Can hardly stop laughing. Thought this was some crazy April fool joke eeeerr. So this *** is fast and free with the money from Universe and psychics but donna wanna spend her own and too lazy to work?

A few years ago I was on my own taking care of my little girl and struggling. With all due respect to Beth Shepherd and Hilary - who are great psychic mediums - I would never have spent money on a short basic reading then, could not afford it, let alone the long in depth one. Have been coming to Beth for just about a year now and know I cannot afford that reading, and I work very long hours. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all just go to any shop or website we fancy and have anything we want without paying?! The shops and websites would have to close down. And I notice that this website has not given any indication of who this client is, kept it confidential. Yet if the client is saying they are not paying why do that? They do not deserve for it to be confidential. Only genuine clients deserve that. I've no idea if this woman is Amber from Australia - Get Snapped Photograph - but it sure sounds like it is - I am 75 and I have never met anyone who reckons they are going to get heaps of money just like that for free - yeah Ive met a few dreamers who reckon they will be ok when they win the lottery, the usual half wits, and I'd steer clear of her if she has such stuff when dealing with people and money, no wonder she has debts!! Suppose she blames the Universe for her debts too! If we could all just get money off the Universe nobody would work and Beth would not be sitting there working all day and I could pack in my job. Anyway I must go now. Am going to arrange for the Universe to bring me a bundle of cash soon so I can come back to the site and have another great reading with Beth. While I am at it how about I get a nice big house and car and a couple of months holiday. lol.
Crystal Says:
She is either a nut case or a wannabee thief or both, rite.

If anyone comes to me like that I won't touch em with a barge pole.

Thanks for warning Beth, thumbs up, (and thanks for the great reading this week).
Mr and Mrs Flower Says:
This rings a bell with me. Think this is the same lady who had a reading with me a few months ago . A very strange woman, she was obsessed with the idea that she would get a lot of money from the Universe - as if she was entitled to avoid work or something, unlike all of us!! Australia a lady called Amber Lear says she is from Berncia Avenue Nords Wharf NSW Australia a photographer Get Snapped Photography, which means not a bean to me as I am in New Zealand, but never gets any work or bet she tries to diddle the customers like she tries to diddle psychics out of money. No idea if she is any good at it or not, probably not if she ain't getting any work or maybe she just too lazy to work. Maybe some other charlatan type clairvoyant picked up that she wanted a lot of money easy and told her that her fantasy would come true? But anyone with any sense would now it cannot be true. Just a fantasy.You know I have done about fifty readings this year - so far - and this one was the one that stuck in my mind because it was so ridiculous and childish. This cannot be a coincidence, am sure it is her. Have been doing readings for years and never had anyone else have this weird idea that the Universe is going to make sure they are rich soon with a big bundle of cash.

If I were a clairvoyant I would avoid this woman like the plague and I agree about how it looks like she never wanted to pay, which is why she went for the long detailed thing instead of being careful and trying to cut costs. WHAT A HORRIBLE PERSON. I hope she knows how the law of karma backfires on people who try to harm genuine psychics. You get a lot of stuff about fake psychics but how about some sort of review of people who say they are clients, some of these is fakes. Any other psychics out there reading this? Avoid Amber Lear from Berncia Avenue Nords Wharf NSW Australia a photographer Get Snapped Photography anyway if you are dealing with people about money. Anyways, if she really thought she was due a big windfall soon she would just want for it and she would not be worried about spending money in the meantime. Trying to complain and get her money back shows she is not so sure she is due this enormous gift. IF I thought I was sure I would get pots of money coming to me just like that soon I would not care whether I got the money back or not, would just forget about it. Easy come easy go and all that stuff.

A few months ago I did a reading for a guy who wanted to know when his girlfriend would come back (get loads of these ) and I said sorry she ain't coming back and he ranted and raved and went ape shit over it saying I was a fake. Life's too short! From now on if a client sounds weird or suss I refuse to read for them. He was the same. He tried to get his money back just cause he did not like what he was told. He was very difficult and gave me days of grief. Must have got about twenty nasty threatening emails over three or four days. He was not as bad as this Amber Lear from Berncia Avenue Nords Wharf NSW Australia a photographer Get Snapped Photography because a few days later he said he was very sorry and wanted to buy me a bunch of flowers or some hand made chocolates or something as a sorry. He realised he was out of order and really meant the apology. I bet this woman has not had the brains and decency to do that.

And last year I did a reading for an old lady who was very much into wanting to find a new boyfriend come husband. She lived a long way away from me so I had no idea of what she looked like, but she sounded - on the phone and in her emails - quite boring and old for her age. But she wanted to find a very young, good looking, rich husband! Me, being honest, said it will not happen and guess what! She wants her money back. Don't these people realise that even if someone is soft enough to give them their money back it does not change the predictions. She will still not get a great young husband one way or the other. Maybe that is what this lady called Amber Lear from Berncia Avenue Nords Wharf NSW Australia a photographer Get Snapped Photography was playing at. Maybe she believed that if she totally discredit the clairvoyant and gets her moneys back then that proves it was wrong and then she can just sit back and wait for her generous gift? It is hard to tell how their minds work with the strange ones.

How can any clairvoyant work honestly, seriously and fairly if they are not allowed to say things that people do not like and most lie all of the time? How can they live with themselves now? But I can see why it would be tempting to do that. Especially if you are a nervous sort of person.

I have noticed that people often have very little empathy or consideration for their psychics nowadays. They want their help but they think it's a big thing to be fair to them, pleasant to them or pay them, as if they are doing them a favour if they come to them for help. They can dream on.
joan Says:
Jeez this is one of the reasons I stopped working as a clairvoyant. I was sick and tired of people moaning if you told them something they did not like, even when it was true. One bad mouthed me because I told her that her married man would not leave his wife for her, and I was right. But that did not matter to her, she tried to blacken my name simply because she did not like it! I would also have been suspicious if someone wanted the best and had to borrow the money, I reckon she thought she could have it and then get her money back after right from the start, and that is why she wanted the best and longest one. That is so so sneaky and selfish. She had no intention of paying. What a piece of shite this cow is. Am glad she has debts and problems.,, it is all she deserves.