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Psychic Medium, Relationship Expert and Healer

Guiding YOU to a Better and Brighter Future

Terms of this Website

Terms and Conditions

Readings can only be carried out for persons over the age of 18.  I am unable to offer predictions relating to legal or health issues, which includes pregnancy and childbirth and I do not foretell death under any circumstances.

My readings provide advice and guidance and should be treated purely as such. Readings are not intended as a substitute for or to take the place of professional advice on any matter, especially legal, financial or medical.

I cannot take responsibility for any actions taken by yourself after receiving your reading, even if you feel it is in accordance with any advice or guidance you perceive to have been given, if you feel action is required after you have had your reading I strongly advise you seek the relevant professional or suitably qualified advice.
My consultations are not intended as nor should they be used as a blue print for life now or in the future, they are for guidance only.

I offer decades of experience as a psychic, counsellor, therapist, healer, relationship expert and agony aunt but no one can be 100% accurate, if you feel you need 100% accurate advice I would, once again, advise that you seek the help of a person professionally qualified in the relevant field. Predictions offered by me by way of my readings are done so in good faith and by booking a reading it is deemed that you accept them as so. People have free will and are able to act so, for this reason events may unfold differently from how I see them today and the outcome of any given situation is open to change by the people involved because anything that can be foreseen can be prevented or changed by you or another. I cannot change or prevent that and by proceeding with a booking with me you accept that, I cannot explain at a later date why circumstances took a different path from the one I advised they should. Under UK law all psychic readings are deemed as for entertainment purposes only and by placing your booking you accept these conditions. Once orders have been commenced a refund cannot be given as they are unique and personal to the individual client. All orders for readings cannot be refunded once they have been received, this is in compliance with UK legislation as of 1st October 2015, this is a customised and personalised service.

If you book and pay for a telephone reading or healing then you must stick to the time/day arranged, not doing so means you have broken that appointment and wasted Beth's time Times arranged are UK times and it is up to the client to ensure that they allow for the time difference if abroad-  To avoid breaking an appointment and losing the payment you must give at least twenty four working hours notice of needing to change the day and time, You are able to change the day and/or time but not to cancel altogether.  Working hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

Payment is always done through paypal.

Due to my code of ethics I reserve the right to decline requests for readings if deemed inappropriate/unsuitable. This also applies to difficult, rude or confrontational people. This may be without further explanation. You would be fully refunded in this instance.

All prices are in Sterling GB Pounds.
All readings are private and confidential.

Privacy Policy.

I will not sell or exchange your personal information or pass it on to anyone else.

Please Be Sure To Read The Following Fully And Carefully.

Legal disclaimer: Please note that readings are for guidance only. Nothing is 100% set in stone. If you are not happy with something, only you can change it. For legal reasons we have to advise that due to the differing opinions as to the true nature of psychic ability, this service has to be classified for entertainment purposes only. This is in line with UK law changes from 26th May 2008 and 1st October 2015 which states that psychic and spiritual work is for entertainment only. And as it is a personalised service it cannot be returned once it is received, by booking from this site you acknowledge acceptance of our terms and conditions.  I am not liable for any direct or indirect damages or problems that arise from using this website or my services.

By use of this site and submitting your order you hereby confirm that you are in agreement with these terms and conditions.

Email Readings

When booking an email reading please be realistic.  The only fair way for me to work out prices is to charge according to how much time and effort is needed for each one, and how many words I will be sending to you in my reply. Unfortunately, I cannot choose your reading for you. Most psychics do not give you a good choice of readings and do not offer many methods of clairvoyance.  I do not know you and your situation well enough and it is not for me to decide how much money you wish to spend.  To be fair to my genuine clients and myself  I can only do the reading you book and pay for. There is no rush. Some of my clients prefer to save up and wait until they have the funds to cover a longer more in depth reading rather than book a short or basic reading now and  then feel as if it was not sufficient. You may think that you are only asking for a few words, but the time it takes to find out those few words is also needed.  I cannot just pluck those words out of thin air in seconds. It is very rare that any clients choose the basic shortest reading for this reason, unless expecting to follow it up soon with another. I will always do my best to do as much work and give you as detailed a reply as I can within the limitations you have placed on me. But if an in depth or complicated or answering lots of questions is important to you please make sure you choose a reading which covers this the first time if you wish to avoid having to return to find out more. A short reading is fine for some but is not suitable if you want me to spend a lot of time on your consultation or send you more than a short hundred word reply. 

Hence if you book a hundred word reading I spend a lot less time on it than I would if you booked a three hundred word reading. It is a very quick reading.   The price you pay for your consultation decides how much time I spend on it as well as how many words you receive.  Most of my clients, those who wish to make sure that their reading covers everything that matters, choose the six hundred word or longer reading.

Most established, reputable, full time professional psychics take their clients for granted and value their time too much to actually spend any of their own time doing readings for them!  They are totally retired.   So they get unqualified, junior, totally unknown and inexperienced newbies to the scene and pay them very little and pass on their readings to them instead!   The established, well known psychic wants to own the website and get the money but not do any work.  They use their name to draw in new clients but you are actually getting a very amateurish unqualified reply from someone who is not experienced, smart and qualified enough to get their own clients or website. If you had met this same unknown person any other way they would have been cheaper.  Beth Shepherd thinks this is wrong, she insists on doing each of your readings herself. Once you have received your email consultation from Beth when you want to contact her again return to the website and book and pay for whichever consultation suits you, we cannot pass on messages to Beth (that would amount to a free consultation). 


We accept bookings on the understanding that you have read the terms of business and the details of the consultations thoroughly before choosing which to have. Beth cannot be blamed if you choose the wrong reading or should ask different questions etc.  You can contact us through the contact form if unsure about anything before you choose, but once you have chosen that is the consultation Beth will provide for you and do to the best of her ability.  Each reading is done as a one off, a private and confidential reading, specifically for you at that time. No two are the same. Your consultation is not suited to anyone else. You  are paying for Beth’s time, experience, expertise, skill and knowledge in her field. Therefore, Beth does not offer refunds for readings she has completed and delivered.

There are amateurs who are just starting out in the psychic World who hope to prove themselves and might give you a free sample or a refund, but you will not get this from any established reader. As it is many of Beth's clients say she should charge more for her consultations as there are many readers who are not as established who charge more than her.   If you are concerned about paying for a reading and then regretting it perhaps you should go for one of the shortest cheapest consultations to begin within. To get Beth's help without expense use the two free reading pages and the free prayer forum on this site. But all 1 2 1 readings must be paid for.   There are a lot of people out there who claim to be tarot readers, astrologers, psychics etc who are fakes or deluded with no experience, no regular happy clients.  We urge you to avoid them. 

More information

For more information and advice on how to choose a reading, terms and conditions of readings, frequently asked questions, how to have a phone reading, spells etc it is a good idea to go to the article section of this website, the section which deals with our terms of business and how things work and read whichever articles are relevant to your needs. Booking a service with us means that you have accepted  our terms and conditions, how we work etc.