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Psychic Medium, Relationship Expert and Healer

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Founder President of - The Society of Accurate & Caring Psychics

From Janna UAE 7.3.2021  - I thank Beth for the reading and for the valuable advice I’ve received.

Actions may not always bring
happiness but there is no happiness without action

Web Tarot Reading

Recommended by lots of regular clients for accurate sittings.

Maybe you have never heard of me the psychic, oracle card and crystal ball reader before,  maybe me and my consultations  are new to you.

But I am very experienced and popular, skilled, experienced and caring.  Offering affordable and helpful phone or 121 readings in writing.

Come to Beth Shepherd psychic




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Web Tarot Reading


Maybe you have never tried  real professional online psychics before?


Maybe you have never had someone who has proved themselves.


What is there to be worried about when she offers experience and proved herself?


Yes you ought to be wary of the many amateurs and the many untested unproven web tarot clairvoyant readers, now that you have found Beth Shepherd you can move away from them onto someone with more to offer who is more serious about it. 


People cannot deny that Beth Shepherd  is a well established, reputable, highly qualified professional online psychic and web tarot clairvoyant who really cares about her clients for phone and same day psychic email readings. 


Someone who has been around for a long time and not fallen by the wayside, but  shown herself to be more capable than many, yet at affordable prices.


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web tarot reading

Web Tarot Reading

Beth Shepherd psychic has been offering quality, private and confidential sittings for many years. One of the many reasons why they are so popular is her vast experience, another is that most do it part time, as a hobby, she does it full time and helps more people in a week than most do in a year.  One of the reasons so many like to have a web tarot clairvoyant reading by Beth Shepherd uk reader whether you are an aries, taurus, gemini, leo, libra, virgo, aquarius, sagittarius, capricorn,  is because both have stood the test of time.  You can go back in history and research this thoroughly and you will see that the cards have been used and very popular for a very long time, yet despite it being so long they are just as popular now.   Beth's theory on this is that it is because the web tarot cards can be very pretty,  beautiful, attractive, colourful and mystical, they inspire the client and give them faith in the reader when they see them being used.  Beth Shepherd remembers when a lot of people would go to her for face to face card readings rather than web tarot clairvoyant readings and insist they have the oracle cards, flower cards or web tarot reading by Beth Shepherd uk reading  used during the session because somehow if they did not see something with their own eyes,  pretty bits of card laid out in sequence and explained to them, they did not get that she could possibly have any other way of knowing all of this insightful stuff she was telling them.  They believed that without something tangible there on the table - a crystal ball, the cards or whatever, there was no way she could know any of the information she was passing on to them. 





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web tarot readings



Web Tarot Clairvoyant 


Beth Shepherd psychic has been offering card readings for a long time.  One of the reasons these cards are so poupar is because a normal pack of cards, as used for playing card games such as happy families and snap has less cards, 52,  these have 78.  There are the minor arcana which make up the majority of them and 22 which are the major arcana.  The minor arcana match up with four suits - cups, pentacles, swords and wants, that match up with hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs in  ordinary playing cards instead of a the web tarot reading by Beth Shepherd uk . i.e.  there is the three of diamonds, the five of clubs and so one, covering all four suits. Many who do these web tarot readings tend to concentrate on and take more notice of the major arcana, the fool, the tower etc, but may interpret them differently.  Marjorie may get the exact same spread as Sharon but read it differently because she has been taught a different way, read different books or has a different attitude and experiences.  It can get very complicated when things change due to the card being upside down or dependent on which web tarot cards are right next to it because the interpretation changes each time.  Hence you cannot rush a reading, you need time to do it properly and get into the skin of the thing. This is one reason why the hot lines which say they offer a web tarot reading are often not up to the job. The client will ring and say I just want to know one thing - am I pregnant yes or no - hurry  up, I have to rush out in sixty seconds.  Not even giving the reader time to pick up and shuffle the web tarot cards , let alone lay them out and digest them.   It is also a question which many would hesitate to answer this way or refuse to answer altogether this way.  Most people realise that the idea of using these cards is to see a picture or situation or person in a clearer way rather than predict outcomes.  You may find out that your husband loves you and misses you, this then helps you decide if you will meet up with him again or trust him and so on, but the cards cannot guarantee that you wil be sensible and make the right choice. 


Web Tarot Clairvoyant

Beth Shepherd psychic believes that the clairvoyance sessions and tarot sessions are two of the very best ways to get hep from a mystic. Some of the other forms of divination and prophecy such as the rune stones and I ching seem to have lost favour, especially in the  west. You are more likely to find them being used in China or Japan rather than the USA, America, uk or europe.   Clairvoyance can mean hearing, it can mean sensing, it can mean smelling. Some people who do clairvoyance smell a cigarette when a certain ghost or apparition or person who has passed over appears, it may be that that person was a regular smoker before they died, others might smell their perfume.  Using clairvoyance together with the web tarot reading by Beth Shepherd uk   is a terrific mixture.  Unfortunately many who say  they can do card readings are not very good at it,  they have bought a pack of cards, read the instruction manual, and then hastily thought of ways to get attention and boast about it or charge money for it rather than perfect it.  They may be in a great rush and impatient or it may be because they see it as a means to make money and want to get to that part urgently, as it is their only goal. Beth Shepherd uk finds this not only sad but unfair on clients. The first thing a  genuine caring web tarot reading should be doing is making sure they practice a lot and get it right, it could take years before they are good enough to help others, before they think of doing readings for others, even if they offer it for free it is dodgy as those who do not practice enough and get it right could be passing on all sorts of information to web tarot "clients" which is wrong and misleading, damaging the person they are speaking to.  Imagine if they are looking at a relationship situation and tell the person that their best way forward is to remember this and do that when it is the opposite,  yet they listen to this web tarot reading "information" and advice and follow it and as a result things get a whole lot worse or become a total disaster!  You see it is great to have a session of clairvoyance, it is great to have the cards looking at your situation or problem, but only if done by a certified and very experienced expert.   A person who is not experienced or expert enough will get it wrong. These aids are only as good as the person using them.


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