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Psychic Medium, Relationship Expert and Healer

Guiding YOU to a Better and Brighter Future

Spells - Personalised for you ...

Every spell is done by me.

Spells take a lot of expertise and time to do properly.

Please do not confuse these with the spells that are done hurriedly by inexperienced people.

Amend errors above

Please note there is an £3.50 charge for administration added to every purchase.

I do not do black magic! Spells that supposedly promise to return your lover to you are black magic, this damages the person and rebounds on you doing you permanent and serious spiritual injury.

Beware of spell casters that have no proven track record of helping people or those you cannot speak to personally. Beware of those who promise to do free spells. This is not possible; they will either ask you for a lot of money later or only pretend to do a spell.

Others offer you the chance to have a spell and then another more powerful spell to boost the first to make it work!  Charging you twice for the same spell! I believe this is wrong, the first spell should be strong enough to work, there should be no need to get a second and pay twice. My spells are very powerful and do not need a second to help them.

I have clients all over the World,  many of them are in the USA, Canada, Australia, India etc. they understand it is better and safer to consult a reputable, qualified, proven, experienced person a long way away rather than someone local. Clients who live outside the UK can use the currency converter above.

It would be almost impossible for me to list all of the wonderful spell rituals I offer.

So if my spell list does not contain anything suitable ask for a custom spell. This is also one of the most powerful spell rituals I perform.

Everything is private and confidential.

Your spell can be to help yourself or anyone you love and care about.

Please allow up to fourteen days for this, as it is an exhausting and time consuming process.

My most popular spells are listed here, but if you would like me to do something different for you please contact me.