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Psychic Medium, Relationship Expert and Healer

Guiding YOU to a Better and Brighter Future

Healing - Soothing your pain ...

Mind, Body & Spirit - for a better and brighter future

I have been a healer, empathic psychic, adviser and therapist for a very long time.

And I have helped a lot of people. There are times when a reading is not enough or is not suitable, especially if we are needing to feel better within ourselves. A trauma, sadness, illness, loneliness, fear or worry can all cause us to feel less at peace with ourselves, who we are and where we are going and this should be helped.

A reputable, trustworthy, caring and experienced healer such as myself can help you with this.

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Our minds and spirits must be balanced if we wish to function well and feel well, achieving our true potential, just as our physical bodies need to be. I can help you to achieve this. Choose between telephone sessions or distant healing, you can also be listed on my group healing list on an ongoing basis.

Every consultation is done by me

I have clients all over the World,  many of them are in Australia, USA, Canada, India etc. they understand it is better and safer to consult a reputable, qualified, proven, experienced person a long way away rather than someone local. Clients who live outside the UK can use the currency converter below.

Please note there is an £3.50 charge for administration added to every purchase.

Select a Healing from the choices below

Healing Phone Consultation

Angel and spirit guide helping me to heal you and help you to find your
emotional and spiritual path, for personal fulfilment and wellbeing

Mind, body and spirit. Healing messages and guidance. I am an empathic psychic (able to tune into people and animals). I am also a qualified therapist, relationship expert and agony aunt, life coaching, grief counselling, and healer for good physical health

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Once you have purchased your Healing I will email you,
and let you know which date is available.
I look forward to speaking to you very soon!

Personal Direct Distant Healing

One personal 1 2 1 direct and very powerful distant healing session
for yourself, a loved one or a pet.

For emotional, spiritual and physical health.

For helpful and worthwhile results distant healing should always be done by someone experienced, empathic and powerful, where they are in tune with you at a set and arranged time. I have been healing people and their pets for decades and have a unique and strong intuition, my ability as an empath helps a lot.

With personal 1 2 1 direct distant healing it is ideal if we arrange a day and time that suits you and me so that you are relaxed and undisturbed at the time and we are both tuned into each other then, with me sending out my energies to help you and you receiving them. If this is not possible however I will can do a powerful healing session for you, which you will receive fully (but gently) when you are next relaxed, or asleep.

In my confirmation email to you I will ask you to send me a photo of the person, or pet that will receive the healing, so please have one ready.

Fill in the Form Below to get Your Private & Personal Healing from Me

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Once you have purchased your Healing
I will send you a confirmation email.

Add Yourself, a Friend, or Pet to my
Special & Powerful Distant Healing List

I will say prayers and do distant healing for everyone on this list once a week.

Be added to my special and powerful distant healing list, this can be for yourself, a loved one or a pet.

Fill in the Form Below to get Your Private & Personal Healing from Me

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Once you have purchased your Healing
I will end you a confirmation email.