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Category: My Psychic Life

Most days we receive messages from people who have just had a reading from Beth Shepherd the famous psychic, thanking her for her work and help.  We never quite understand why they feel the need to say thank you when they have consulted her as a client and paid for it.  But it is polite and it is good to hear. In fact we get so many of these people contacting us with such thoughts that we have had to increase the amount of staff that work for Beth Shepherd in her office dealing with the website and all of the behind the scenes stuff!

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Let us take today as an example. Today it is my job to look through all of the orders and letters we receive  and straight away I see this... Beth had done a reading for a new client yesterday and this is what the lady sent after...  cheap accurate best psychic reading online forum and best cheap accurate tarot cards readings online psychic  forum and free psychic email reading free forum and free psychic online reading free  forum and best cheap accurate tarot card reading online forum and genuine honest real professional psychic reading


Dear Beth,


Thank you for the amazing reading. I have already moved on from RF and graciously looking forward to meeting someone new. I hope he comes along sooner than later. Sounds wonderful! Thank you for the in site on myself as well. I will work on not wearing my heart on my sleeve.


Looks like you have an awesome assistant in Roseanne.


I will keep having fun with the freebees on your website and pass it along as well.


I will most definitely look forward to calling on you again in the future.


Please feel free to keep them coming. It is good to hear when a cheap and accurate psychic reading online has been of great help at an affordable price.




Patty  (3rd April 2018)


Of course we cannot pass on her email address or surname or anything else which might make her feel awkward or vulnerable!  All readings are done in strict confidence.  Each person who comes to Beth Shepherd for help is valued and thought about carefully, and they need to know their identity is safe.  Hence we never publish recommendations which give away enough personal information where it might be possible to work out who they are, or for someone they know to recognise them.

We also received this...

on the same day

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3rd April 2018

Hi I have had readings with Hilary. Very good! Thank you. 

From another lady who has had several readings with us now, and has ordered another one at the same time.

The thing that I find fascinating is that the people who realise that Beth Shepherd is a professional, who has expenses and has to charge, say thank you, even though they have paid and waited a few days for their reply. Yet the ones who write trying to demand their readings are free usually also try to demand they get them within an hour or two, and would  never dream of saying please or thank you.

free clairvoyant readings online

Not sure how they work out that clients who are polite and who pay wait for Beth to be able to fit it in, and the ones who are demanding and abrupt and not polite get theirs back same day. But there you go. And please do remember that those who try to get free readings fail. We are too busy to reply to them too.  If people cannot appreciate that Beth Shepherd is a professional it would be best for them to move on elsewhere and no point to contacting us.

Beth Shepherd best psychic in london





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