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From Janet, UK - " rings very true and is helpful " 21st May 2022
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Reincarnation readings

Beth Shepherd may well be the best, her many regular clients say she is. Recommended by tv, radio, newspapers, magazines and experts it would be hard to beat her.

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With decades of experience you cannot get a better clairvoyant to help you with your past life reading.   Wherever you are in the World she is here to help by with

an email or telephone consultation, healing, white magic spells and much, much more. Consult Beth Shepherd just once or realise you have found the very best for your regular consultations.


The afterlife is a terrific and very interesting subject. I am glad you are interested in it too. We can share this joyous and educational experience.  Please be aware that when I do reincarnation readings I always tell the truth, because without that you cannot grow and develop.  If you avoid the truth you end up more hurt, less self aware and less able to cope with anything.  Self awareness is the key to all happiness, whether it is about your past lives or the life you lead now.  When someone comes to me for a past life reading I know they are taking life seriously and I congratulate them and recognising that this is vital imformation for the person who is serious about their life.

Sometimes people think they have been famous in a past life. The truth is that this is often nothing more than wishful thinking. It might make you feel more important, special, sought after, memorable if you had been famous in the past, but what chance is there of this being true? Very little. People come to me and tell me they were well known in their past yet they tell me this came from hypnosis or a dream, which are not reliable.  By consulting a good clairvoyant, psychic and medium you get a reliable analysis and the right information.

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   Reincarnation reading


Thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to read the articles, some will help you to understand past lives, karma and how people have moved on from their past life or lives so that they can be who they are this time around.  By revealing the truth about your previous incarnations it should be a lot easier for you to see who you are today, why your past since birth has been the way it has and what to expect in the future, it also helps you to understand and work out how to manage your future more efficiently so that you are far more likely to get happiness from it than negative emotions.

Anyone who is seeking reincarnation readings will be disappointed with my website, tut tut. Unfortunately, because I work full time doing sittings and have a lot of experience and have to cover my costs and wages I am unable to help people who want to discover themselves for free.  But most people who come to my site do not expect me to.

Most of us have had a lot of past lives and we continue to have them until we get to the point where we no longer need to return in another incarnation to learn something.  The things you may need to learn and master could be unrequited love, loneliness, grief, stress or any one of hundreds of other things which are hard to cope with.  After all, there is no point in giving you a whole lifetime, perhaps ninety years of living, to master something which is easy to master.  Each new life you have gives you a chance to master something, each time you fail you have to move on for a bit and then return for another chance. You may be here once to master something or a hundred or more times depending on how you cope with it, how you master it and if your main angel guide can tick that off of your list of things to do and let you move on to the next phase of your being.

If your reincarnation is designed to cover a certain aspect of your being, perhaps some problem you are going through, you will soon find that it helps to know what that is now rather than try to discover it as you go along by making mistakes and wasting time.  What is the point of waiting until you are eighty to find out what your lesson in this lifetime is?  Look at all of those years you could waste.  You may also find that your reason for being here this time, your karma, is something which is easier to deal with as a young person.  If you are meant to deal with unrequited love you are far more likely to be madly in love with a person as a young person than an eighty year old. Reincarnation readings tend to cover emotions and feelings and these are all part of your karma and all part of why you have had past lives. Think of it like going to school or college where you pass on to another class as you get older and pass examinations and eventually graduate.


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Many of the lessons you may be here to learn this time will be connected to your feelings and emotions, even if they are financial or career based, many of them may be very difficult, so  you need to have all of the help you can get. Who better than an experienced clairvoyant and psychic who is well versed in reincarnation readings?  Someone who has done a lot of past life readings over the years? Someone who is very expert and experienced in doing a past live reading?

It makes more sense to consult a reputable person who has done a lot of past lives readings and is serious about it. The person who is an amateur at doing a past life reading will either get it all wrong and be out of their depth or make it all up, perhaps just telling you what you want to hear. How would you know the difference?  You can go to a good hypnotherapist for karma and reincarnation readings, but many of the hynotists and hypnotherapists out there do not really know how to do it. Dreams are a totally unreliable method to know so you need to consult an excellent and serious clairvoyant, psychic and medium to be sure.

If you use wishful thinking or an unreliable method you may start to believe all sorts of nonsense which is misleading. You may also end up with a situation where you start to wish to meet someone you believe you knew before, and wait and wait and never meet them, because it never happened. All sorts of mistakes could be made in an effort to believe something which is untrue. The worst that can happen would be that you waste years on these false beliefs but you may also get very messed up and hurt, confused and battered emotionally.  Something like this is not something you should ever be experiencing, a reincarnation reading should be about making you feel better about one of your past lives, not making you feel worse about this one.

When you have a past life readings you ought to be able to walk away feeling more confident, more secure, more knowledgeable, more at peace, more whole, more positive, not worse. If someone tells you bad things that upset you without in anyway really helping you do not return to them again, they are not suitable for you or for anyone and are doing more damage than good.

Some of the people who come to me for a past lives reading and ask about their reincarnations tend to be dreamers who think it is all about hearing how famous and wonderful or scary they were before but most realise it is about knowledge so that you can grow and get this this life better, able to say you have succeeded in learning and conquering your karma this time.

Some of the people who have a past life reading get addicted to it, so do not let this happen.  You should get one good sitting and maybe another if you want to ask more questions, but you should not need to return again and again and again. A greedy fake will encourage you to, so stay away from such people.

Please take time to read the articles on this site, get a feel of how I work and who I am before deciding, you do not need to give your name, address, email etc, I will never know you have been here unless you consult me. Everything is totally private and confidential and for your benefit. Please also bear in mind that  past life readings can be exhausting for me, I can only do one a day, so please bear this in mind when booking. It may be that even if you are willing to pay extra to have it done hurriedly I will not be able to do this without letting you down, because I am too tired and exhausted to do it quickly today.

What I get coming to me when I do such a past lives reading just happens. I rarey  have any control over it. In many cases I simply get a lot of words come to me and have to get them down for you as speedily as I can before they are gone.  I do this using some clairvoyant and mediumship skills. There are a lot of things you can find out about your past, many of them may be helpful, some will be more interesting than helpful, each reading is totally unique because each person is.

Are you wondering why you are often depressed or anxious? Are you worrying about why you feel insecure? Are you concerned about your future? These are typical of the things people discover and conquer by having a reincarnation reading done by an expert clairvoyant, psychic and medium.


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