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Psychic Medium, Relationship Expert and Healer

Guiding YOU to a Better and Brighter Future

Testimonials & Credentials ...

Beth’s Work Experience

Beth is a fifth generation seer and healer and has been working full time helping clients
with readings, therapy, guidance and healing since she was eighteen,
she is now nearly sixty years of age.

Beth has been recommended by other psychics, expert clairvoyants, examiners for various
psychic societies and associations, newspapers, magazines and well known clients.

Beth Shepherd’s Credentials

Tested and trusted by :

Founder President of :

Some Comments by the Press

A terrific lady, spot on with so much she told me, would trust her with any problem

London Evening Standard

not only was she easy to talk to, sympathetic and gentle but she sorted out the relationship problem that had been troubling me for nearly a year

Weekly Express

Who do you turn to when you are depressed, anxious or sad? A doctor, counsellor, therapist or psychic? This lady fits the bill

Star & Echo

Just like her name, she guided me in the right direction, I am no longer a sceptic

Weekly Times

Astonished by the accuracy and professionalism of this great lady.

Daily Gazette

When I was asked to talk to a psychic I thought hey ho another one of those, but no I was surprised and delighted to find she is very sincere and incredibly gifted

Wanstead Recorder

Now I know that not all of these psychics are equal, this one is certainly one of the best

Weekly Times

she is easy to chat to and did me a good tarot reading

Daily Chronicle

Beth explained the difference between a psychic a clairvoyant and a medium, she is so easy to talk to, a very kind and sensitive person, I felt drawn in and knew that I could trust her with any problem. If I ever need a psychic I will come to her

Guardian & Journal

... she is not one of those dreamy people wearing strange bright clothes, she is down to earth, and she is very very good...

Daily Echo

No wonder so many people consult her

Daily News

The numerology chart was complicated but pointed out a lot of my strengths and, sadly, some of my weaknesses

Daily Advertiser

Never tested a "psychic" before but she passed all of my tests with flying colours' she picked up on my major problem and had a lot of insight into it

Weekly Chronicle

Was reluctant to ask Beth for healing as I did not feel I needed it, but her reading was so helpful I would say her healing must be very helpful too

Daily Herald

There are a lot of these people about but now I have met her I am sure she is one of the most genuine

The Advocate

Professionally I have to say I have been converted. I now not only believe this lady is genuine, I have booked myself in for a session !

Weekly World

A Word or Two from my Clients

Thank you again Beth, I have no idea how it is you do what you do, but our appointments are the highlight of my month. Looking forward to speaking to you again

Samantha – Florence Italy

The numerology chart helped me to work out if I should marry Steve or not, good to know, and it helped me to decide if it was such a cool idea

Fiona - Glasgow Scotland

I had to write and let you know the difference you have made to my dad’s life. He is smiling again, and is even back in the garden pottering around. I don’t know what I would have done had it not been for you.

Julia – Nova Scotia Canada

I had a phone reading with Beth Shepherd the other week it was very easy to book and pay for, and her advice and analysis helped me make the life changing decisions I have now made.

Ian - Chelmsford UK

Just to let you know I am much better now, thanks to you Beth. I don’t know whether it was the reading or the healing but my energy levels are back and I am well on the road to recovery. I will contact you again in a bit for a “top up” !

Lidia – Malaga Spain

My husband left me for another woman around six months ago, it broke my heart and I thought my life was over. There were so many things that did not make sense to me, was hurt and angry and lost. My friend said I should come to Beth so I did. She told me what I needed to know and comforted me and I now see that I am better off without the bastard.

Helen - Sydney Australia

I would never have thought in a million years that any kind of “psychic” would be able to read my life and help in the way you have Beth. Unbelievable, Thank you.

Sara – Devon England

Blessings to Beth and blessings to all of her followers! I love this site and will ring you again soon Beth dearest. You are my shining light.

Lynn - Washington USA

Beth, what can I say – Thank you is hardly enough for the guidance you have given me. Your kind nature, and wonderful gift have helped so much.

Isabell – Bordeaux France

Was delighted to find a psychic who had a serious attitude towards it, so many are all airy fairy, Beth is well educated, knowledgeable and wise. She sorted out my business problems and my relationship with my girlfriend in one session. Would not hesitate to phone her again when I hit another blip.

Andy - Isle of Wight

Just a note to say thank you Beth. You really helped me clear up the mess I found myself in. Now I just feel so might lighter and free of the “baggage” that I had been carrying around for so long. From the very bottom of my heart – Thank You so very much, I could not have got through this without your guidance

Margaret – Seattle USA

Friends laughed when I told them I was chatting to a psychic about my feelings and she had predicted that I would soon meet a guy! Not a tall dark handsome stranger, but a cuddly, funny, loving man who has become my everything.

Ruth - Paris France

Thank you for the time you took to help me Beth, my spirits have risen, my face is smiling, you have helped me turn a corner

Nicola – Toronto Canada

Beth, I have consulted many psychics, fortune tellers and mediums over the years, and I can honestly say that you one of the very best of them. The accuracy that came though was astounding! I feel so fortunate to have found you and look forward to our sessions with great joy. Speak soon & Thank you !

Maya – Hamburg Germany

Well worth every penny and more, had been thinking about ending my relationship for ages, my friends were all vague or bossy about it, the idea of being on my own or finding someone new was so scary for me, but you put it all in perspective and sorted it out for me. The future you promised me has begun, his name is Ronald and we are so happy together. If it were not for you I would have stayed with John and continued to feel lonely

Sue – London UK

Until my marriage hit a bumpy patch I had never gone to a clairvoyant before, had no idea of who I could trust or who would be able to help, then I saw Beth's details and knew she was the one. Her phone readings have helped me so much. Where I was angry and depressed, losing hope, she showed me that my marriage could be repaired and could be happy. By listening to her advice we are now back on track and happier than ever. I dread to think how miserable I would have been without her help

Samantha – New York USA

Oh Beth how can I thank you. You have given me the confidence to move forward with my life in a way I only dreamed was possible. It worked I am Happy. Thank you a thousand times.

Lily – South Carolina USA

Have consulted you half a dozen times now, no longer do I dread the future or fear the unknown. You are wise and compassionate. Everything you said would happen has happened and you helped me make some major decisions

Tanya – Dundee Scotland

My sister bought me a session with you as my birthday present, was wonderful to hear your voice! Oh my. Will be making sure I speak to you again soon, so thanks

Crystal – Birmingham UK

I had a tarot card reading with Beth a few weeks ago i was struggling with a relationship and what she saw in the cards helped me make the life changing decisions that I had been struggling with for months. Will certainly contact her again.

Steve - Wellington New Zealand.

My sister rang Beth and had a good reading so I rang her too, it was real good

Susan - Yorkshire UK

One of the readings I had last year was total crap, then I had one a few months later and that was crap too, the one I had about a month ago was also crap, this was my last attempt to make some sense out of my life, thank goodness I did not give up and gave it another try, found out the answers

Dolores - Berlin Germany

Whenever I am in doubt or worried about things I turn to my clairvoyant and best friend Beth Shepherd, just give her a call up and chat and clear the air

Jacqueline - Rome Italy

When things looked bleak I had no one to turn to.. Beth was able to work out why so many things were going wrong and turn it all around for me, now things look a lot better

Rita - Perth Australia

Not sure what to say really as not good with words but would recommend her lots

Lesley - Antwerp Belgium

A Word from the Web Developers

It has been a Joy working with you. I have truly Loved working on this new site, (it’s certainly a step up from your previous website!) I wish I could work with you longer, but Launch date is approaching, and I know you are excited to get the project Live. You are such a sincere, intuitive and caring person, Thank you it has been an absolute pleasure.

From the whole Team