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 Judith from Singapore "Thank you so much for your comforting words. I will work hard to see the path you describe" 16.1.23

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Online Clairvoyant Reading

Welcome to my site,

My name is Beth Shepherd and I have been doing web tarot sittings using my experience and expertise as a qualified relationship expert, agony aunt, therapist, psychic medium, numerologist, astrologer, palmist,  healer  and reader to help others for many years. I set up The Society for Accurate and Caring Psychics many years ago.  It is hard to keep count of exactly how many years I have been helping people who need an online clairvoyant reading. I am sixty seven.

Whatever you do I wish you health, happiness and peace.





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Online Clairvoyant Reading

Even in this day and age there are a lot of clients of mystics, and potential clients of mystics, who do not understand how the business of psychic, tarot, mediumistic, crystal ball sittings works.    Many do not understand that for a serious professional mystic this is not just a vocation and lifestyle choice it is a career and we have to treat it as a career. That means dealing with it in the same way we would if we worked as a self employed florist, dentist, taxi driver, hairdresser, therapist, counsellor,  beautician or accountant. A lot of people do not think about this nor care about it but they should because it would help them to  understand their chosen crystal ball gazer,  mystic and secure a good bond between them, a mutually beneficial and respectful relationship.

How do you secure a good and mutually beneficial relationship with your online clairvoyant reading offering a psychic medium or web tarot sitting?

You need to think about and look carefully at the following... not just from your point of view but from the mystic's point of view too.  By understanding your mystic well you will be less likely to be annoyed or irritated or confused by the way the mystic is. I have come across a lot of instances of people expecting too much of their clairvoyant, tarot reader or psychic - i.e. wanting them to know who they will marry and when, or how many children they will have.. things which depend on your decisions day by day, and which are fortune telling not psychic guidance.

Online Clairvoyant Reading

One important point is to remember that 99% of advertising or non advertising psychics are merely bored housewives who "do readings" as a hobby. These housewives have no real skills, knowledge or experience, most of them do less web tarot, psychic medium and online clairvoyant readings in a year than the real and genuine professional does in one day. The real professional also does it far better. Far better means more in depth, more accurate, more helpful, better more accurate and truthful answers, the whole thing.  I've come cross many of the bored housewife type and I know some of them are not driven by the urge for money but many of them are driven by the need for glory, or wanting to constantly boast and talk about it, they are obsessed with the idea of being a mystic and that is what drives them.  But the fake readers who pretend to be offering an online clairvoyant reading conveniently skip over the deeper and more important details such as having no qualifications, having no skills, having the wrong mind set and attitude, not being smart enough etc. They are so determined to be recognised as a mystic that they assume that wanting to be one makes them one. In the same way that a lot of people fantasise and dream about being a writer, singer, actor or dancer and think that wanting to be one makes them one. Yet there are a lot of self proclaimed singers who do not have an ear for music, cannot read music and sing out of tune!  It is the same with the mystic and online clairvoyant reading, psychic medium,  crystal ball gazer and web tarot consultant.  They want to be one and think that is enough.

But there is an enormous difference between being a terrible singer who sounds like a wailing cat or being a terrible mystic who cannot really read the web tarot cards or answer questions accurately or give good guidance.   You see the singer is simply wasting her or his time. They get pleasure from it and carry on with it until if and when that obsession dies.  But the mystic offering an email sitting and crystal ball gazer is a wannabee with no talent or skills is wasting other peoples' time. They are also disrespecting their trust and not delivering what they claim they can can mean that they hurt those people. They can do much harm in the process by raising their hopes and telling them things which are untrue -  and waste their money. Anyone who works as a web tarot reader and is taking on a huge responsibility and should not hurt or let down the people who trust them.

In order to get a good and lasting relationship that works two ways with a mystic you need to recognise that the professional is totally different to the amateur or the wannabee or the fantasist. They are not desperate for a thank you in return for two hours of free listening and advising with rubbish advice, in the way that the amateur does. They are not twiddling their thumbs unable to get tarot cards, oracle cards, angel cards, pendulum, mediumship, numerology, astrology, palmistry and crystal ball clients so needing to do sessions for free, they are not sitting there with an empty appointment book hoping that someone will want them.  Things are the total opposite with the real and genuine professional who already has bookings and cannot fit you in today, who has to value their time more because far more people want them,  who has to charge a set price and stick to it because they have more expenses and do not have another job that pays the bills.




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Online Clairvoyant Reading

There is this myth that a professional mystic is only after money, there is also this idea that they are short of money and it is a scam. Yet most real professionals can speak various languages fluently, have previously worked or still work as a therapist or other well paid psychic and, tarot card reader doing well paid sittings and psychic professional and are not at all short of money. They often lose money when they switch from their previous profession to being a paid mystic offering online clairvoyant readings because compared to therapy, accounting, lawyer etc it pays far worse, not better.  This sillly myth is based on the idea that all of the mystics are the same as the bored housewife, no education of skills, no business sense, some are chancers who try to make a few dollars here and there and would have to resort to working in a burger bar, cleaning etc otherwise.

Increase your spiritual and mental strength, remember that you mind and body are important too, not just your spirit, perhaps through your chosen mystic, or perhaps a paranormal and unexplained forum, yoga or meditation, just some of the ways you can work towards becoming the best person you can be.  But this can only happen if you pick the right person, trust them and treat them well.  The relationship must work two ways.  If you are the sort who expects your mystic to fit you in at midnight at five minutes notice then this will not work. The true professional web tarot, psychic medium and crystal ball gazer will have already been working all day with clients and need a rest, a change and sleep.  It is only the amateur who is desperate for attention who might say goody goody and rub their hands together with glee at the opportunity to do a "session" late at night or at five minutes notice.

   This is the same whether you consult your chosen mystic by email or phone or seeing them face to face. Web tarot and Cheap Psychic Readings by                        email work well.
   This brings us to another point. Just like the accountant, florist etc have working hours and non working hours so does the professional mystic.
   Some offer to work at a weekend, usually saturday morning, but that is if you book in advance and they are busy with clients that morning, not at the last               minute where they are expected to cancel a family day for one person. The very popular professional is the sort of person that most people would rearrange      their own life for. They would expect to take time off of work or forego something fun to be able to fit in with the tarot reader and mystic's appointment book     rather than expect him or her to make a special effort just for one person. They do not need to and are not able to with such a busy life and appointment             book. The online clairvoyant reading professional  has to be well organised. This means they cannot spend ages trying to get a web tarot client by writing          back and forth answering questions  nor chatting on phone for ages about maybe getting a booking.   They are far too busy to be able to give such a lot of            time to one booking even if it  is gauranteed. The typical psychic medium, tarot reader and online clairvoyant will have a secretary who does this for them -          but then the price of your clairvoyant, tarot and psychic readings consultation has to cover their wages too. Beth Shepherd the psychic and online agony aunt      finds the best way is for her website to do all of this for her, with the terrific advantage that it can do it at any time on any day so people do not have to wait          till the office is open.
 There are other advantages to consulting a good professional psychic medium, crystal ball gazer, web tarot or online clairvoyant readings consultant over an         amateur. The amateur who cannot get  clients and is desperate for  attention will want you to return to them quickly. They may be daft enough to think this is       beneficial to you but even if they let you consult them free of charge the benefit is all theirs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The busy professional mystic, psychc, tarot card reader, astrologer, numerologist or medium  is too busy to need to worry about whether you return quickly, their appointment book is always full, it does not matter to them.
There is also the fact that the online clairvoyant reading professional needs to be seen to be fair and kind, they  have a reputation to maintain and this matters to them.    The amateur,  who is unknown by most and never featured on television or in newspapers or magazines has nothing to gain by being nicer and fairer to people.  They have nothing to lose if they persuade you to consult them every day somehow. If they are very keen on showing off how clever they are and      wanting people to  hang on their every word means that much to them they would offer you this free of charge. Yet you would get no benefit from it, you would  simply be wasting your time in order to make them feel more important. That is not a mutually beneficial thing, it only benefits the crystal ball gazer,     the web tarot and  online clairvoyant readings  you lose out. 


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