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From Sangeeta, USA, 12.3.2023 - "She picked up the essence very well "
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Beth Shepherd is dedicated. Beth Shepherd offers a large variety of different psychic readings at affordable prices, but the important thing is that you know she has been thoroughly vetted and tested to prove she is an authentic and accurate love psychic so there is no need to doubt her. It is unlikely that you will find any other online clairvoyant who can offer you all of this at an affordable price.




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   Psychics cheap

You need to remember that a person who is advertising as a tarot card reader, fortune teller, palmist, astrologer, numerologist, clairvoyant or medium considers any help they give to clients as work. They care about their clients, very much so, otherwise they would move onto a different career or job that pays a lot better, but they also need to be rational, practical and serious about the business side of their work so that they do not get taken advantage of. Unless they are the type who are widowed, divorced, disabled and housebound, with no skills whatsoever and living off of the earnings of their partner or disability allowances or a pension they need to think carefully about what to charge for their services same as any other professional person. Psychics who are cheap are usually only offering an affordable alternative because they cannot charge more. You need to ask yourself why that is.  Most of the people I have spoken to can be very naive and self righteous, wanting to believe that Mrs Smith around the corner is cheap because she is generous and kind - because she puts others first - and they assume that Mrs Smith does not live in the real world. That Mrs Smith can afford to live without a proper income or is happy to go without the things in life that they take for granted... i.e.  a car, nights out, nice clothes, holidays, jewellery, vases of flowers, books and magazines, the little and big things that make life more worth living and fun.

    Psychics cheap

But this does not make fun? Why would someone who works as a tarot card reader, fortune teller, palmist, astrologer, numerologist, clairvoyant or medium not be interested in books, magazines, holidays, nice clothes or jewellery? Why would they only care about you and not care about themselves?  The truth is that the majority of psychics who are cheap are offering rock bottom prices because they are not skilled and well known and experienced enough to be able to charge more. They do not cater for the person who is keen on knowing and finding out the truth, they cater for those who simply want a listening ear or those who want somewhere to go for a few hours on a slow day! The psychics who are cheap and work at rock  bottom prices are often the ones who had no real education, have no skills, would be reduced to being a shelf filler at a supermarket otherwise. They want to work hours to suit them and not travel or have a boss breathing down their neck, they also want to feel more important, doing tarot card readings makes them feel special, putting tins of baked beans on a shelf does not.  In other words they have very few choices of how to earn money and given the choice working as one of the psychics who are cheap, doing tarot cards, fortune telling, palmistry, numerology,  clairvoyance and mediumship is better than the other options,. Nothing to do with being generous or happy to go without.


psychic love reading


Psychics  cheap

The other day I met an old lady, a very nice old lady but not a very worldly or smart old lady,  she had been struggling with a bad cold for a while and went to the doctor. She proudly boasted to me that the doctor had cured her by giving her an antibiotic that he never gives to other "ordinary" and non special patients. She really believed this because it made her feel special and important. Likewise you can get people who go to one of the psychics who are cheap and tell you proudly that they gave them a three hour reading for a tenner - as if this proves they are special. They fail to see that they do this with everyone and they do it for their own purposes - such as filling an empty day.  They also fail to see that if they were any good at doing numerology, clairvoyance, mediumship, palmistry, fortune telling, tarot cards, astrology etc they would be too busy to be able to sit and chat to the same person for so long.  She would much rather have four clients in the same time earning four times as much - because like everyone in the world she would love to have the luxuries of life she cannot afford. You can afford to go and see psychics who are cheap, I doubt she can!

Psychics cheap

When I was young and started out working as a clairvoyant and medium on a part time basis everyone and their mother wanted to come to me (or telephone me) with their various requests for information about a person who had died, a person who was keen on them and maybe in love with them etc.  At the time I lived in a tiny, pokey, horrible house in the worst part of town. I desperately needed money to pay for a new carpet, new windows, new boiler - not luxuries but necessities. My furniture was second hand or non existent. I returned from working all day to doing free psychic readings for people and not one of them ever said thank you or gave me a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates, let alone how much such a clairvoyant, fortune telling, astrology reading like that would have cost them elseswhere.  I am sure that none of them believed I preferred to live in such a place, or I hated chocolates, or I hated flowers, or I was pleased I had days where I could not afford food.  The truth was they were mean and selfish, only thinking about themselves. Years later, after making the transition from free clairvoyant and fortune telling readings, then working as one of the psychics who are cheap and then working as a more expensive one when doing it full time,  people told me how lucky I was that I had a nice house yet if I had turned my back on doing numerology, astrology, fortune telling etc I would have had far more, because my previous job paid far more than psychic, medium and clairvoyant work ever did.  It is very hard to earn a decent amount, enough to live on, as a tarot card reader or palmist, very hard indeed, which is why men never do it full time unless they can become well known and charge a lot for television and stage appearances. The typical psychics who are cheap would never be able to earn enough to live on, let alone keep a wife and children too.


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