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How do I get to speak to Beth Shepherd without paying?

Category: FREE Advice on your problems

I really need to speak to Beth Shepherd psychic without paying. She does consultations that people pay for but this does not suit me, I need to speak to her for free. Why can I not find her phone number and just ring her? Why can't I email her direct? What is all this stuff about having to make an appointment and pay? I need to get a really good clairvoyant psychic medium reading with her.

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Liza Joshua Says:
Hello there...

Do you really need this help? if yes then take it easy with the sharp speed. Your first statement should not be needing the service without paying. If this type of consultation does not suit you, then you are a liberty to chose what is best for you. You need a good service and you do not want to pay in a place that charges, this tells you that you need to re-evaluate your need. You may have a need yes as expensive and as delicate medical surgery that the persons life is on the line but if you do not have the funds it is a sad story, actually people die! We do not want people to die like this but everything will involve money, the doctors the machines the medicines all require money and so one has to therefore plan for such eventualities.

Look out for magazines and free sites that can offer you this service for free and be sure to get whatever that you will get whether good or bad. As for Beth Shepherd she has invested a lot into her practice and surely it cannot be for free. Is it something you will be glad you paid for as compared to getting whatever, if finances are a challenge you can save in the mean time and practice waiting for the right time. If you cannot wait then you will bare the cost of the choice you make.

It is all in your hands to wait or go with the available.

Glasshalffull-stockton-on-tees Says:

There are plenty of astrologers and psychics that offer free advice without you trying to get something that you know full well that you are not entitled to. If you need medical or psychological help make an appointment with your GP. There are also the options of NHS walk-in centres, and the accident & emergency of your local hospital.

If you need financial advice that isn't wound up with legal proceedings, then any one of the financial gurus on the telly or in the national online newspapers might be able to help. Though you might have to wait. You can try the Citizen's Advice Bureau, for help accessing legal advice and how to access benefits. Again this might take some time to access. Your social services might be able to help as well.

If you have been the victim of a crime or know someone else that has been, then the police are the ones to contact. For fires , the fire brigade, and for an ambulance ring 999.

For work related issues, contact Human Resources. Other avenues might be a union, you don't have to be a member. You can also contact ACAS.

Beth Shepherd does offer a FREE READING, you should take advantage of it, even if it isn't exactly what you want. And I must say that I find it incredibly rude, that having demanded personal access to Ms Shepherd, that you don't even sign your name!

Emily Says:
Hi there,

Thank you for your message.

Like any other profession, teachers, lawyers or doctors, psychics spend many months and years of their lives training and perfecting their craft. Not anyone is able to provide the same high quality of service as someone as qualified and experienced as Beth. Unfortunately in your case, this does mean that payment is required in exchange for the service. Beth is very well respected within her field and therefore, is under high demand which is why an appointment system is required and her contact information may not be accessible within the public domain.

What is something to consider is that the price should be a reflection of the amount of positive benefit and information you would be able to gain from a reading. Often, this would be worth much more than the initial monetary expense of the service.

In the meantime as you decide, Beth’s website has a “Free Reading” section which allows access to her complimentary digital oracle for a free daily electronic reading. Maybe if you start by reading this on a daily basis, you will get more of an idea of the benefit that the other services may also provide you with, should you decide to pay for one of the many services offered.

- Aquablue287 London, UK
sambirminghamuk Says:
Do you work for a living? Do you think you should be paid for what you do? I'm guessing your answer is yes. If so, why do you think Beth Shepherd should not be paid for the work she does?

Your message seems to have little respect for her time, and you seem to be implying that she shouldn't be charging for her service as a clairvoyant psychic medium.
As this does not suit you, she clearly isn't the right psychic medium for you.