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How do I earn money as a tarot reader or psychic?

Category: FREE Advice on your problems

How do I earn money as a tarot reader or psychic?   I am unemployed and desperate for a job that pays well. What I want more than anything is a job as a clairvoyant, crystal ball gazer, palmist, tarot card reader or psychic reader because it pays better than many other jobs. I know that Beth Shepherd psychic who owns this site earns a lot of money and I want that job.  How do I get to be as well known, busy, popular and wealthy as her, where she has lots of people come to her for advice and pay her for it, and she is so busy she has a lot of staff helping her?   I really need to be able to do this soon as I want to be able to buy a lot of Christmas presents for my children.


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Glasshalffull-stockton-on-tees Says:
Dear Anonymous,

I notice that you have left it a bit late to look for a seasonal job. But I imagine even with Covid 19 there are still some jobs to be had. If you drive and own a car, you can deliver parcels. Post Covid, you might just look for a job in a supermarket or as a carer. This is while you find the means to put money aside to become a tarot reader or a psychic.

I would rather you do this because of a genuine desire to do so. I also hope that your talent lies in that direction, rather than a get rich quick scheme. Even tarot card readers have a duty of care towards their clients.

You can always pop down to your nearest book store or newsagent and buy a pack of tarot cards that comes with a book and see how you go from there. It isn't as easy as you might think. Memorising all the cards and what they mean can be very difficult.

I advise you to learn as much as you can about both fields of work and practise on friends and family before trying to branch out professionally. You just see it as an easy way to make money. But I promise you that it isn't.

There are plenty, that don't make themselves rich. You don't actually say if you have worked in the past. If you are looking for ways to work from home, then you need to have the skills to do so . If you are unemployed there are probably courses that are free that will allow you to update your skills etc. And certain charities will take your on, so as to give you experience.

If you are on good terms with your family, I am sure that they would be more than happy to help out, at least with giving them presents. Not that you should expect everything that the children should want. Just make sure that the children say thank you.

Next year, start putting aside a bit of money each week to pay for the children's presents. For family and friends, try buying things in the January sales, or making things like knitting a scarf or doing festive IOUs. Like I promise to do your ironing. Or other chores or tasks that would be appreciated.

Incidentally, I would love somebody to do my ironing, which is also a job you could do from home and get paid in the process. Try not to be desperate, for that isn't helpful and it makes your problems seem worse than they are. If Christmas has to be sparse, then just make the most of playing games and singing songs. You can only do your best. And that is all that anyone can ask. Goodwill is always freely given!

sambirminghamuk Says:

I believe Beth Shepherd is successful at what she does because she is aligned with her soul's calling. When you are in alignment with what you're here to do, as a spiritual being having a human experience; a natural consequence of this is success. People will want to use Beth Shepherd's service because of this and as a result she becomes wealthy.

Spiritual work is a calling more than anything else. It's as if the work calls you from within, and you have the choice to step into your soul's purpose; which can be difficult and confusing. We each have our own soul purpose that is unique to us. You cannot be another Beth Shepherd, you can only be yourself; the question is "what am I here to do"?
If it's to be a psychic and tarot card reader, money won't be the first thing to come, so you may have to do something else that brings money in at first, whilst you hone your gifts in other ways; to become successful in your own right.

All the best
Eboni London Says:
Wait !
Listen to yourself.
There are circumstances around you more powerful than the power within you. you are responsible for your life through your consciousness. Beth shepherd seems to have a power over you or you believe her life style does. If you watched others and not believe in circumstances, that will defeat you. If you believe in yourself , you are assured victory. There is a wonderful inner world at work within each of us . We fuel this inner world with initiative, ingenuity and a picture in our minds. The world responds and produces according to how we fuel it. If we picture poverty, failure and doubt , we cannot expect to enjoy wealth, success. If you can keep your inner world clean, and your mind with productive positivity the powers within will create you with a dynamic force and all that you believe will become possible .
Diana Says:
Dear X,

It is clear that you have a passion for spiritual work, however, this is something that passion alone cannot justify. If you have a talent, a connection to the spiritual realm that will allow you to read fortunes - only then could you become successful. But this alone should not be the goal. Apart from that, you may want to reassess the reasons for going into such a field. Simply getting paid a lot will not be enough to establish a genuine and powerful connection needed to accurately read fortunes.
If you would like to earn lots of money there are other options out there - Even staff in supermarkets can get paid a high salary per hour if, for example, you choose to work the night shift.
Psychic work takes time, dedication, passion, talent, and intuition. It isn't something to be done quickly to earn lots of money.

Take care,