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We received this today - thank you

Category: My Psychic Life

We receive masses of mail. Some of it is people who hope that Beth Shepherd will be extremely generous with her time and give them free  1 2 1 email readings.  (sorry but no, not fair on her or her proper genuine clients).  Some are rude about psychics and want to start an argument about it and then wonder why nobody replies.  Others are like this lovely lady who sent us...

Dear Beth and staff:


I just wanted to say “Thank you again”. After having an amazing reading yesterday from you, I still continue to follow up with reading your blogs and of course taking advantage of the fun and very informative daily readings and colour month. For obvious reasons, I continue to read over and over  my colour month, as no one has ever made me feel that special about myself or at least I don’t see myself that way. You really made me feel unique and extraordinary about myself.  But what I really want to make note of is that you ADDED additional information to different colors today and I took special note of that. I LOVE that if you think of something else that is useful and helpful you let people know. I hope to see more in the future.


Have a terrific day

Peace, Love and Happiness


We pick up many new clients each week, many of them return again and again.

So long as this lady knows she can always consult Beth Shepherd whenever she needs to and can enjoy the more fun and light hearted pages totally free of charge inbetween we are accurate best psychic reading online  supernatural and best cheap accurate tarot cards readings online psychic  supernatural and free psychic email reading free  supernatural and free psychic online reading free  supernatural and best cheap accurate tarot card reading online supernatural and genuine honest real professional psychic reading


We also received this today !



I was wondering If you do free readings by email. If so, I wanted to receive a channeling from any passed loved ones or anyone that has anything important to say to me. it can be from from my spirit guide/guardian angel or just anyone else in the afterlife. I\'ve also been contemplating suicide for a very long time. And wanted to know there thoughts on that. Also I wanted a past life reading If it\'s free.\r\n\r\nIf you need any more info about me let me know.\r\nThankyou.

Reply - people who want free readings have to go to amateurs. People who only do it as a hobby. Swap your amateur reading for theirs, that is a fair swap.

Not full time professionals nor those who have an office, staff and do it full time - it is obvious that full timers with an office and staff need to cover all of those costs and if you are getting a free reading where does that come from.  Nobody would ever pay for readings if they could avoid the email reading page and write on the contact form they want two free readings instead!  Asking professionals for a freebie is the same as asking them for money.  In this case you asked for two freebies, it is a cheek to ask for one let alone two.

There are three free reading pages on this site - one is excellent and instant with no sign up, so is the second one. Most write to us to say thank you for providing these totally free services, we have never had anyone ever take those for granted and then expect two 1 2 1 free readings on top of it!

YOU are asking for two free readings - and it clearly says on the email reading page that all 1 2 1 readings must be paid for. It also says this on the contact page that you read before you sent this.

Just as there are fake psychics - people who have never really studied and trained to do it well, there are people who go to psychics who are not genuine, who want it all to be a one way street and totally take the psychics for granted,  this is a great example. 

15th November 2020 psychic and clairvoyant  free email psychic reading online


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Kiana Says:
Unless you are incredibly fortunate, there are always going to be times in life where you experience a need for something. Quite often this can be a financial need, as we struggle to keep up with the consumer lifestyle to which most of us have become accustomed. We feel desperation and despair as the bills mount up and particularly at these times, all we tend to see around us is lack. All we focus on is what we don't have. It is at this time that we must turn to gratitude. As hard as is when we feel the panic of not having enough, we must start to focus on the amazing things that we do have. The universe works with fixed laws and one of the most powerful, when used correctly, is the law of attraction. Like attracts like. Focus on lack and poverty, and lack and poverty is what the universe believes you are asking for. You will absolutely amazed at what begins to happen when you start to focus on abundance. Take some time to sit comfortably in a quiet space and concentrate on one thing that you are grateful for. It may be a family member, a friend, a pet, the warm room you're sitting in on a cold rainy day. Perhaps you have good health, great, that's a wonderful thing to be thankful for. As you start to feel grateful, let peace and love fill your heart. Send out that gratitude to the universe. Gratitude is a powerful vibration. This high frequency vibration will come back into your life in ways that will amaze you. One of my favourite speakers and authors, Eckhart Tolle said; "Acknowledging the good that is already in your life is the foundation for all abundance." Do this simple practice everyday and be amazed at the miracles that start happening for you. Blessings x
Ian Says:
I was amazed at how good the free email reading pages are -without thinking you would do me my very own personalised one for free too - it beggars belief. I bet these people never work for free - and have no idea of how much a website, office, staff etc cost, am glad to see the site has grown and grown and become more informative since I first saw it.
hardworkingJOHAN Says:
Beth, I had to read this a few times to be sure I believed what it said! I am not rich, I work full time and part time to cover the bills and rent, I save up to have a reading with you when I need it. I know you have to pay for your website / staff / office and deserve to get paid for your time. Nobody had to tell me this - it is plain common sense. Maybe these people feel they are more entitled and special than us mere mortals. Or you won the lottery (in which case I doubt you would be sitting in your office working) or you have dementia!