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Psychic Medium, Relationship Expert and Healer

Guiding YOU to a Better and Brighter Future

A bit about Beth

Beth Shepherd

My name is Beth Shepherd

And I greet you with a very warm welcome to my website and services, some of which are totally free.

For those who wish to enjoy and benefit from the free services I offer please go to the FREE Reading Page, the Colour Page and the Prayer Page.

But I know that most of you need my 1 2 1 services. anyone who would like to know more about me first can read on here...

I had always been a very studious, serious and sensitive person …

Never fitted into crowds, groups, parties etc but I had a very good job and thought I was settled in life. Doing psychic and tarot card readings ran along several generations of my family, all of the women seemed to get involved in it either as a hobby or a far more serious career, so it was natural that I, being a studious and sensitive person, started to study psychic phenomena for myself. The more I learnt the more I felt I wanted to learn and my thirst for knowledge was unquenchable. Most of the time I would rather be helping a client or reading an informative, factual book than doing anything else. Because I am so sensitive I am an empathic psychic.

I set up psychic medium circles and ran them on Sundays

They become very popular and people would want to come from miles away to attend. Somehow this led to people wanting me to do them psychic and tarot cards readings too, which was fascinating and fulfilling but hard to fit in when I was working full time. At that point I had no intention of becoming a full time psychic medium at all, but due to time constraints I had to find a way to fit in the things that mattered the most to me and forget about the rest. It may have seemed like a silly thing to do but I chose to become a full time psychic medium rather than continue in my full time well paid job. It meant earning less, it meant working longer hours, it meant a lot of sacrifices, things that people often take for granted, like no longer have paid sick leave or holidays, but it also meant I was happier.

I attended the Mind, Body and Spirit Festivals and some of the markets

but soon found that I was so popular I did not need to, it made more sense for me to have people travel to come to me than spend so much time travelling back and forth to them.

Anything to do with how peoples' minds work, how people think, how they feel and react, how they can be happier, fascinates me, so I also made sure that I studied and passed examinations in psychology, relationship help and therapy. After all a lot of my clients wanted to understand themselves and their loved ones better and those who were in a broken or promising new relationship would benefit from my understanding these things so well. Around the same time, I passed examinations by several of the leading psychic or tarot organisations and journalists. You need to be careful as there are so many websites which are really just a front for agencies and call centres or run by unqualified and untested people who have no real skills.

My full time career as a psychic began
when I was just eighteen

I am now fifty-eight and do not regret one moment of it. There have been times when I struggled to pay the bills because of my choice and knew that if I had stuck to my original job instead this would not have happened but if we do not follow our heart we are always unhappy deep in our souls and our souls do not develop or shine. Now you can choose between consulting me by Email or PHONE so no matter where you are in the World I am there for you. Past Life Readings are particularly popular.

People would even ask me to do readings about their pets, these could be ANY pet at all. Usually their dog or cat, but it could even be a worm! a parrot! any creature that the client cares about. You can have your very own Pet Reading here.

Becoming a healer was something which happened
Clients came to see me and needed healing. They were disillusioned with the medical profession, or had been let down by them, or had come to a dead end where conventional medicine was very little or no use to them, or the medication they took gave them awful side effects, so they wanted something different and natural, which could not harm them but would help them to use as well as or instead of conventional medicine. For Healing Click Here.

After a lot more studying and developing I added SPELLS to my repertoire

But I insist that any spells I do are to help people, white magic only. Not the dark black magic you see in thrillers and horror films, where someone who does not deserve it suffers badly because of them. I can remove a curse and can curse people, but most do not deserve it, then I would refuse.

One of my interests is healthy eating and helping to prevent or cure illness through diet, just as meditation, prayer and positive thinking can help the soul and emotions. Whether we believe in an afterlife or not we still need to make the best of this life that we have now.


Beth Shepherd

B.A.P.S., A.P.P, S.A.C.P, A.A.A. N.A.H.