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Past Life Reading

by Beth Shepherd


An exceptional, talented and caring lady, with 5 star reviews!


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reincarnation reading

Anyone who is seeking a past lives reading knows it is incredibly difficult to get one which is authentic and the real deal.  One of the problems is that there are no easy alternatives to getting a psychic do this for you. If you are able to come to visit me for a private and confidential 1 2 1 hypnotherapy session I can regress you, take you back to your past life, I can tune into you while you are in a relaxed and deep state in safety, to get this information from your internal memory, but there are very few people around who can do this, and it is a very skilled process, it can also be time consuming, it is not something which can be done from a distance, you need to be with the person, so you will get few chances to have someone do this for you and it could be expensive financially.  This is why I now tell clients who are seeking information about their reincarnations that it is better to have a past life reading done through my website online. This means that you simply pay me a fee that covers my experience, skills and time, you are paying for a lot less time so the service is far more affordable than visiting someone who uses hypnotherapy. There are many advantages to having a past lives reading rather than hypnosis, and I cannot think of any disadvantages to it.

One of the advantages to meeting your hypnotherapist rather than consulting a psychic online is that you have met them face to face and you can say you "know" them.  But having to go back and forth maybe half a dozen or more times at vast cost each time does not make this a good reason to choose hypnotherapy over having a past life reading.

Now ask yourself this, if you were to be wanting to have a past lives reading for a family member or friend rather than for yourself how would you go about this?  You would not be able to present yourself to a hypnotherapist on their behalf and somehow get the hypnosis that is meant for them through you!  There would be only one way you could do this and that would be by consulting a reputable psychic online for your past lives reading.

reincarnation readings



What do you hope to find out or achieve through this consultation? Some want to know if they were once some famous celebrity or a rich and powerful ruler, someone who is marked down in history for all time. It makes them feel immortal and special. Others are thinking about something deeper, such as how they died, who they were married to, whether they were happy or why they are here in this lifetime, what their karma is and what they should be learning.  The most realistic way to approach your past life reading is to accept that the odds of you having been a famous or powerful person years ago is almost impossible. I promise that if it is the case I will tell you, I will tell you whatever comes to me, but so far and having done a past lives reading many times over many years I have never come across anyone who was famous or well known years ago.

Use your consultation to find out about the history of your normal, every day life years ago.  You may have been unemployed, or a peasant, you may have been a maid or servant or working in a shop. All of these things will depend very much on how long ago that life was, how your family were and even how much effort you put into your life then.  Your past lives reading will give you all sorts of information about whichever life I pick up about during your reading.  It may be some information about one and then another. Each past life reading is individual, no two are ever the same, nobody can possibly guess or know what the outcome of your sitting will be because it will be dependent on your  past.  But you would know it is specific to you and only you.  You can follow it up and have another sitting to find out more if you wish.

For those who are very spiritual and very much drawn to inner peace, wisdom, knowledge, the truth and being able to master their destiny, self awareness and curiosity you may find this the most important and powerful sitting you have ever had from a psychic online.  For the simple reason that you cannot find out such things through the tarot cards, crystal ball, clairvoyance, normal psychic online readings of any other type. Many of the typical consultations you can get might tell you about your past in this lifetime, your present, your relationship, but they cannot go into what was going on with you maybe a hundred or five hundred years ago and unless you consult a hypnotherapist for hypnosis face to face for a past lives reading there is no other way of knowing this.

This information is incredibly powerful and helpful to the deep person who is into self awareness. They will be wanting to know how they can improve their marriage, how they can stop feeling pain and hurt, how they can be stronger,  or perhaps how to forget the bad past they had, each person will be different, but knowing about your reincarnations and karma is a terrific way to know the answers to these things, a terrific way and the only way. A genuine past life reading will be able to help you cope with all of the emotional baggage and upset you have collected, struggled with and suffered from since you were someone else and it will help you to know why you are who you are and reasons as to why your life is as it is.  But most of all it helps you to work out what to do about it so that you can have a richer and happier life this time around, before it is too late to enjoy any of it, and because you need to be able to move forward to your next reincarnation with a happy and positive attitude. The past lives reading is the only way of knowing your purpose this time around and how to resolve it all.


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