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The Society of Caring and Accurate Psychics - Beth Shepherd Psychic

Category: My Psychic Life

21st July 2019

For your information Beth Shepherd is a leading, international psychic who set up The Society of Caring and Accurate Psychics more than twenty years ago. She set it up because she was very disappointed with the rash of people who were cropping up locally to her and on the web purporting to be good tarot and psychic clairvoyant readers when it was clear to her they had no abilities in in that field. A typical one would be elderly, maybe in their 60s or older, never worked as a clairvoyant before or been in anyway interested in it, working in a shop or as a cleaner if working at all, very part time , not industrious or hard working, only working when needing money and having no skills or talents or qualifications or education to get a "proper" well paid job.   Then they get to a certain age where shop work is hard to do, standing for long periods, and cleaning is even harder, and it is boring and badly paid anyway. They have rung one of those 0898 numbers and spoken to a woman and thought gosh this woman has earnt lot more than me just to chat to me I should do this too. And based on this they think they can call themselves psychic! This makes them frauds.

The Society of Caring and Accurate Psychics is able to sort out the wheat from the chaff. It is not the only organisation or society out there that can do that. We have never pretended to be. But you cannot have too many of these organisations and some are run by people who mean well but are not very experienced anyway. You would be hard pressed to find people who are more experienced and proven than Beth.

You have to got to websites such as facebook and Reddit to see how these fakes appear everywhere. And it is quite frightening that just anyone can call themselves a psychic. A lawyer or doctor or nurse or accountant has to do some real training and pass exams first. And this is why many people laugh at those who claim to be clairvoyant and call them all fakes. In a way they have a point because if someone is not proven but asking for  money you do not know how real they really are. But when it is someone like Beth Shepherd who is proven then it is quite insulting to suggest they are only after money, especially when that reader is clearly well educated and could earn well in some other field that would pay more, not less.

Most days Beth Shepherd gets people contact her asking her for a clairvoyant job. They always ask about how much they can earn and never ask if they need to be qualified or experienced or prove themselves in anyway. In fact some of them get very nasty and angry when they are told they must be tested before we can let them loose on clients.  The Society of Caring and Accurate Psychics is there to protect people and they do need protection because many of them are so naive and gullible about these things due to their lack of knowledge and experience in it. Some would think that anyone who gives them good news is good simply because they love what they were told, and embrace good news, no matter how unrealistic and untrue it is.

To be considered to be good enough to be classed as genuine and invited to joinl go to the contact form and send us a detailed email with all of your relevant experience.  If you cannot do that we cannot consider you. Beth is too busy, of course, doing readings to be able to check each of the applications out,  she has staff to help her with all of that. But if you do manage to pass the grade and are found to be authentic enough to be invited to join you may hear from her personally then, no guarantees.

There is no fee to join the Society, it is free. But you must prove yourself.

My it has been a busy month, and not just with clairvoyant psychic and tarot readings. There have been some new clients wanting astrology and numerology and crystal ball readings, some new client for powerful white magic spells and a few for distant healing. Most of my clients are regulars and have been many times before, the new ones are rare.

There has been a welcome break with family, a lovely time in the sun and relaxing for a change, my guy keeps insisting I must work less, he says my clients take me for granted - surely not?!  And there has been a lot of people contacting me asking me if they can work for me but unfortunately for you I am very happy with my psychic protege Hilary, no wish to replace her, would not have set her loose on the general public and kept her on this long if she were not right, but I do wish you all well in your search for a  psychic job and maybe you should set up your own shop if you are suited?  After all people will be wanting clairvoyant tarot and psychic advice about all sorts, and if you are able to really help them you are able to set up your own shop.

Notice I said really help them, so many say they can but fall by the way side when proof is needed. 

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Beth Shepherd
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Glasshalffull-stockton-on-tees Says:
I know that you are all serious about what you do. But have you ever considered a different approach? Try doing it in a different way. Why not try doing it as a party. Similar to Ann Summers' Parties. You get a friend to throw a party where people buy tickets and you show them what you can do. The money is split evenly or the friend takes a commission.. remember to budget for food and drinks a nd any extras.

Of course it has to be lightweight and entertaining, and you can drop hints that you do more serious readings in private. Or you have the other option of being hired as entertainment, like say at a hen night. I appreciate that it might not be what you want to do, but it is a way of getting yourself known.
Life and People Says:
My psychic tarot site is usually busier winter time !
Leo Says:
Astrology is my thing! But we live in a materialistic World and I love to have a nice car and nice house so I stick to doing things that earn money and where people do not ridicule me or call me names if I am not always there for them or letting them get away with such things.
ace482161 Says:
One of the things I look forward to when I have half an hour and a coffee is to come to this site and check through the blogs - some are horrifying and scandalous, others are uplifting and positive - great stuff.
Roland Says:
I work as a tarot card reader and like everyone have bills to pay. The more I do free readings or very cheap readings for people the more difficult my life becomes and the easier their life becomes. Every time I do a freebie it is like giving that person money so that they find it easier to pay their bills, and that is money I could have used to pay mine, if you do it enough you would end up not able to pay your bills at all, and the greedy ones getting all of the free readings and help and saving money every time would be living a life of luxury and ease.
Claire Says:
But while I agree there is another thing too.... if they really cannot afford it and need a psychic clairvoyant tarot reading why do they not offer something in return? I know a little old lady who does readings for free but in return people do stuff for her, they bake her a few cakes or take her dogs for a walk every day for a week. Things she is too busy to do because she spends time doing clairvoyant psychic tarot readings instead.
Rachel Says:
That is one of the things that gets me! There are so many people saying they cannot afford psychic clairvoyant readings, or they try to make us feel guilty about charging them as if we are criminals if we expect to be paid for our time and work. If they cannot afford it then why ask for it? Do they go to Chanel and ask for a free designer handbag or the travel agent asking for a luxury holiday free? The clairvoyant psychic tarot reading is no more essential than those things.
alexander Says:
I was torn between setting up a clairvoyant psychic and tarot business OR a grocery business. My son said do the clairvoyant psychic and tarot business - but what dose he know? He is 12! My hubby said do the grocery business, it will pay better, I did not know what to do. I spoke to a clairvoyant psychic and tarot reader who has been doing tarot card and astrology readings for the general public for years, she said do the grocery business - she said that we get no real appreciation as clairvoyant psychics, people always want more and more and think we owe it to them, if she had gone into the grocery business instead she would be more settled financially. Did I listen? No! I set up the clairvoyant psychic and tarot business, and a year later was wishing I had listened. 50% of the people who came to me wanted it all for free or on the never never, one tried to palm me off with promises of coming around to clean my house one day. Strange that she did not think that she would have to clean it first before she gets the clairvoyant psychic and tarot reading, same as you pay the money first before you get it!
Rasputin Says:
Setting up shop is easy, making a living at it is the hard bit. Most of the people I know tried it and failed at it, you have to be very good at it and very good at business to be a professional that lasts as long as Beth Shepherd and some of the others have lasted for.
July Says:
I used to be annoyed that the top psychics would not let clients go to see them at their home and insisted on phone calls and email readings instead. But I get it now. If I had spent years working my way up the ladder to that spot and had had a lot of people mess me around about when they were turning up or as one of my friends said they turn up and say they "forgot" to bring the money with them but can they have the psychic reading and then drop the money in tomorrow !!!!!!!! or think they can sit and listen for ages and then pay for it after if it suits them, all of that is a lot of hassle and insulting, and none of it happens with phone and email readings. The amateurs and juniors have to work their way up to get to the point where they are busy enough to be able to say no to all that too.
thirdeye Says:
A lot of numerologists, astrologers, crystal ball gazers, those who read i ching , rune stones, tarot, pendulum, oracle cards, flower cards, angel cards are keen on getting in this, but few of them are willing to take the time to do it properly, it takes years and years. ,,,
brains Says:
Oh. I was one of the ones who wrote about a job, and I don't want to set up my own thing and not sure I could anyway, so where does this leave me?