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How do I become a well paid agony aunt?

Category: FREE Advice on your problems

I work in a shop and the work is very menial, boring and badly paid. I desperately need to get a job which pays a lot more and is far more interesting, this is perfect for me too as well as.

It would be great to get hired by this website.  But they insist I do an interview and prove myself. What is that all about? I know that people want my advice and I know I am real good at doing it as well as.


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Liza Joshua Says:
Hello dear...

Your concern of a menial boring and badly paying job in genuine and cannot be thrashed because you are a human being with feelings and a mind. However you will need to re-look at your attitude, it is possible to stagnate at a place because your attitude is not right. It will be very beneficial to you if you address your attitude and adjust it. Your feelings are good but they need to be guided with reasoning.

You need a job as an agony aunt yes no problem but there is definitely a process before getting it. The good pay should not blind your good morals to make a statement like you have said- what is that all about? Noooo not when you want to be employed for goodness sake. Relax and re-evaluate your plans and goals about what you really want and take all the necessary steps one at a time and you will reach you goal.

Any job that pays well looks very attractive to anyone but it comes with a cost, so you cannot jump the cost. Every good job will requires the people applying to do a job interview and prove themselves for the job. There are many applicants and only having a job interview will get the best fit for the job. In addition to that the job has rules ad regulations which need to be adhered to all through to keep the job.

You can do it and you can make it in anything you set your whole self into. Dump the negative attitude and take up the right mind and heart for the job and got for it!

Glasshalffull-stockton-on-tees Says:
Dear Anonymous,

All of your options, whether you work a second job or apply for a better paid one will require you to go through the interview stage and prove yourself. Have you thought of asking for a pay rise? Have you considered checking out your local community college for courses that would get you a better paid job. There are also online courses that might help as well.

Many people, while working a mundane job adapt their hobby into a business. A friend of mine buys retro toys from the 1980s and sells them online to collectors. Another does the same with vintage clothes and jewellery. I also knew a woman who did two part time jobs at my local hospital. One as a secretary to a consultant, the other as a receptionist at the accident and emergency department. There are lots of options out there.

One thing that I am curious about, would you really want to do the job, working for Beth Shepherd, if the money was poor or was voluntary? I think you should look very hard at what you want to achieve in life. You might find that what you want is entirely different to what you thought you did in the first place.

If you are afraid of interviews try practising with friends so you get used to being questioned and put on the spot. Most of the time bosses just want to know how you respond in any given situation. In this case it might be how you would respond to a client who confessed to having committed a crime or to someone who is being badly abused. Or any number of scenarios. Anyway once you have practised a few times, you should find it less daunting than you think. If you find yourself getting tense, try breathing exercises. I always find that helps.

I hope that this has been helpful and you feel a little more positive about what life has to offer you. Good Luck!

Michelle Bailey Says:

Hi (name)

I'm so sorry to hear that you find your work menial and boring and that it doesn't pay well. That must be very frustrating for you. We spend a lot of our lives at work so it's important, if possible, to do something that you enjoy as it affects every other aspect of your life.

A change is sometimes needed and it's nice that you feel that this job would be perfect for you. It's certainly an interesting and varied role with a good rate of pay.

This website has a huge following and an excellent reputation based on trust and the expertise offered to its clients, therefore, it's very important that anybody that is hired is top quality and can provide clients with the level of service they are used to.

The person hired will need to:
- Have some life experience
- Have excellent written English skills
- Be empathetic but honest
- Be a good communicator
- Be understanding but firm
- Be organised and reliable

The reason you are being asked to prove yourself is because, although you may think you are good at providing advice, we need to see this so that we know we are hiring the right person for the job.

With many jobs, you are asked to take tests or may be given a trial period so that the company can see that you are the right person for the task and this is the same.

When someone is offered this position, we will be trusting them to take great care of our clients, provide them with good and honest advice whilst upholding the reputation of our company and Beth, therefore we can't just hire anybody because they think they will be good at the job.

From your message, you sound very desperate to earn more money and enjoy your work more and that's ok but unfortunately, those reasons don't provide us with confidence that you are the right person for this role.

For example, the person we are looking to hire, would know that they would need to prove themselves and understand the reason why. They will have good written English, which i'm afraid you haven't demonstrated and finally, they would present their skills that would make us think they are perfect for the job.

Therefore, I regret to inform you that we will not be taking your application any further but can provide you with some other sites where you may be able to find what you are looking for:
Also check out local Facebook Groups

I would suggest that you take the above comments on board. Think long and hard about what you really want to do and what effort you are willing to put in to secure the job of your dreams. Perhaps look back at the message you sent to us and see where you feel it could be improved?

Another thing that may help you would be to write a list of your skills, strengths and your weaknesses. That way you could work on your weaknesses and demonstrate any skills you have during your next job application or interview.

You really can achieve what you want but you have to put in the work to prove yourself first.

Thank you for your interest in our website and we wish you the best of luck for the future!

Shelby72 Birmingham UK
sambirminghamuk Says:

Applying for any job requires some form of application process; whether it's taking a test, filling in an application form, sending in a CV and/or doing an interview.

I know how it feels to work in a job that is uninteresting and unproductive.
You say that people want your advice, and you know that you're really good at giving advice; so in order for you to do what you really want to do, requires you to take the necessary action - which in this case, is to go through the required interview process to apply for the job you say is perfect for you.

I know applying for a job you want can be a nerve racking experience, but it is really up to you to take the action steps that are necessary, in order for you to reach your desired aspiration.

All the best.