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Ask Agony Aunt Online

Category: Testimonials

Ask agony aunt online

There is only one thing which is better than asking a proper expert about your problems, and that is a proper and experienced psychic. The psychic will know far more about you, your lover and the other people who you are wanting to know about than the advice columnist.  But which do you choose? Usually you can go to friends and family for  FREE advice, but at the same time you must remember they are not experts, very often their own lives are a mess!  They will be quick to tell you what they think and what you should do, but this does not mean they are right and unless they have a terrific problem free life you can be sure they are wrong.

People who are good at relationships are not just able to give good advice about it to others, they are also able to live that life. They are better at choosing a partner, better at deciding when the relationship needs to be ended or mended. People who are in terrible relationships cannot possibly know what is best for you with yours.   It is the same as it is with money!  If a person is skint and has debts and cannot pay their bills they are not wise enough to tell you how to become rich or how to invest or how to stay afloat without debts. 

When you ask agony aunt online advice you are asking for good advice not just any advice. It has to be guidance which improves things and in an ideal world the very best advice which gives the best possible result. 

But one of the things about people who are that wise is that their life is sorted, well sorted, they are used to making wise decisions and their wise decisions has led to a good life. This means that if they work they have an interesting well paid job.  There is no such thing as a wise person who is bored with their job and is in a job that pays badly. No wise person - someone capable of being ask agony aunt online - would allow their life to go that way. They would make sure that they do whatever it takes to avoid this.  They would not be sitting around bored and desperate for a chance to give free guidance to someone. They would probably be in a very well paid job and if they were into advising others it would be a job that pays not doing it for free or in an amateurish way.

When you go onto the average ask agony aunt online website it tends to give very bad advice and guidance because the people who advise on them are doing it for free, their time is worthless, their advice and guidance is worthless. If they were really good at guidance and advice they would be getting paid for it elsewhere, not making do with giving it away for free so that they could have a quick ego boost.  And make do with the ego boost. A real ask agony aunt online would be used to praise and used to feeling important. They may be a doctor, or therapist, they have talents and skills and qualifications that mean they can do all sorts of things which get them noticed and pay well already. In fact if they turned to being an ask agony aunt online they may well get less attention and less money and be making a big compromise.  There are people who work on charity helplines who do it free for an ego boost, very much the same thing. They do it more so that they can feel special, knowledgeable, controlling, than to help, and they sometimes do not care if the guidance they give is worth listening to or not, they just like the sound of their own voice.

As an expert ask agony aunt online and an expert psychic I have spoken to clients who have run such lines and had terrible guidance, sometimes where it would have been lunacy to listen and follow the advice, making things far worse. There are also cases of men who sit on such lines so that they can ask women to talk about sex and other ulterior motives.

But in most cases these people would love to be a paid advisor, an ask agony aunt online, their advice is not worthy of being paid for, so they settle for doing it free and settle for getting the ego boost alone. FIne if you are able to just talk and spew to them how you feel or how angry you are, fine if you can discern between good and bad guidance, but most people cannot, if they could they would be advising themselves wisely and not seeing help elsewhere.

The average psychic is great at advising if they have had a full life, a very experienced life, have a high i.q. and a lot of common sense but few can tick all of those boxes. The really good ask agony aunt online is great at it if they do too.  But the psychic has to be empathetic plus psychic, they cannot rely on good judgment alone. The client may ask them questions that no other person can answer, such as if the guy has been cheating or if he lied.  Something that even their best friend or closest family would not know.

For more information about applying go to frequently asked questions.

Please note that we are too busy to read and reply to queries individually. You must go to the frequently asked question page or show us how smart you are by thinking and working things out for yourself. IF  you are not confident enough to do this alone pay one of our experts for 1 2 1 tuition. 

ask agony aunt online

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