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29th April 2019

Category: My Psychic Life

You know something, I am now so busy with clients wanting genuine bookings with me that sadly it is hard to find the time to write up a blog on a regular basis, so I do apologise if you miss my blogs. Sometimes it is possible to do it quickly most of the time it is not,  and very often I can get one of my office staff to do it for me and it is just as interesting if not more interesting than if I had done it myself.

But today I just had to make sure I did this one myself. You see we came into the office this morning and turned on the computer and found the usual orders from clients wanting phone readings, email readings and spells.  But we also found about  ONE HUNDRED mails from people we do not know saying things like


HI, Beth, I need your help.I need you to do a lot of work for me. First I need you to put a spell on someone who has left me and he must return to me and be my man again. When you have done that I will give you a list of the other things I need you to do for me.




I need an email reading. I need you to tell me  (blah blah and long list of questions). Please write soon.



and so on


In other words they assume that they are contacting me personally every time they contact through the site - not at all realistic with someone as busy and popular as me - and they assume that they can just give me a shopping list of all the goodies they want and get them all for free.

What I cannot understand is what makes them believe this will happen? Why would I tell regular clients who have been with me for many years that they have to pay but people I do not know from adam can help themselves to my skills and time and I will somehow find a way to make that work for me?

It costs me a lot of money to own this website,  to have it staffed, to have the office staffed and to pay for the office itself.  If clients do not pay for their consultations how do I cover these costs? Do these people expect me to write to the genuine clients and say something like  HI.  A NEW PERSON WROTE TO ME TODAY AND SHE WANTS FOUR SPELLS.  TO SAVE HER SPENDING MONEY ON THOSE SPELLS CAN YOU ALL SEND ME SOME MONEY TO COVER WHAT SHE WANTS? And can you imagine how much time would be involved in doing all of that? I would be paying a member of my staff to work all day and beyond to try to sort it out.

I think some of these people are incredibly mean and selfish.  You do not need clairvoyant and psychic and tarot services from a psychic.If you cannot afford them do not ask for them.  Or get another job and save up.  I have several clients who work over time or longer hours or do a second job so that it covers their car, holidays, readings etc. They do not expect their holidays and car for free so why would they expect me for free?  In most cases these people are wanting help with a relationship that has gone wrong and it is easy to see why it has gone wrong if they treat people in such a selfish self serving way. It depends on how intelligent they are but it is obvous that asking a psychic who has an office and website to pay for to work for free is the same as asking them for money... a lot of money.

Well recently I had to call in a decorator to decorate my office. It cost a lot of money. But I did not write to decorators and say hi, I need my office decorated. I need you to get some yellow paint and white paint and this and that and take a week off of work and do it for free.   I got my staff to contact the people who work locally and get quotes and chose the best one.  Never for one moment did I believe that I can expect a professional person who earns their living some way to make me special and give me freebies. Because that is greedy and rude and insulting. It is telling them that all of that time they spent learning their trade was a waste of time, they should have not bothered and gone into some other job instead. It is telling them that the help I want from them is worthless and it is telling them I do not value their time.  But the worst part is that it is telling them that I believe they should be sponging off their wife or husband or family or friends instead of earning a living, that they can forget about paying for food and bills, unlike normal people.

Common sense would also tell you that if people thought they could visit my website and ask for anything they want for free I would be snowed under, receiving very long lists from thousands of people a day.  Not just the arrogant ones who write now, but everyone. And my regular clients would wonder why they are paying and do it too?  I would get so many demands to work - because it is free - that there would be no way to fit them all in.  And I would soon have to close down because I cannot keep up with the demand or cover my costs.

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You see I do not get freebies. My website costs the same as any other. So does my office. The women who work for me here like me and respect me and enjoy their work and are very spiritual but they still expect to get a fair rate as they also have bills to pay. And they would be silly to work for me for free when others would pay them.

Beth Shepherd psychic medium 





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rhubarb and custard Says:
Maybe psychics should start behaving the same way towards others that some others behave towards them? Ring for a plumber and get him to service the boiler and then get angry when he wants to be paid etc.
rychhmo Says:
No wonder you are annoyed. I would be annoyed too. A few years ago I tried to set up as a psychic reader but it did not work out for me. One of the problems was that I would work at a local shop every morning and the shop keeper would tell people to come back in the morning to see me. When I turned up expecting two or three they did not come. They always expected to walk into the shop and get it instantly and could not be bothered to make sure they came back in a morning. They also expected it very cheap and would try to haggle and make promises such as " if you do it for such and such (VERY CHEAP) I will tell my friends" but what none of them were thinking about was that it cost me to go back and forth to the shop, to run my little car, and I could have got a job in a different shop serving behind the counter with a guaranteed hourly rate instead!
Nicola Says:
Wow. I am sorry but I would never ever ask you to do me a spell, just do not believe in them, think it is playing with fire and dangerous. But if I did want one I would never dream of asking someone - especially someone who is very busy and does it full time - for freebies. I came upon your website about six months ago and since then tend to come back to it on a regular basis, really like the free reading pages and the prayer forum.