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Why psychics become professionals

Category: Life and People

Why psychics become professionals.

No it is not for the money, the money is simply a way that a client recompenses the light worker for their time and skills and for exhausting them.   In another time and place the psychic might swap their time and help for cakes,  a car, a house to live in, a holiday or whatever is a fair price, but money is far easier, it allows all different deals to be made.  After all a travel agent should not have to give somethign as costly and valuable as a two week holiday in return for a three hundred word email reading,  and a psychic clairvoyant and medium should not have to give something as costly as a whole day spent on a numerology chart and spell in return for a box of chocolates.

My gardener tends to my lawn, flowers etc. He loves it, he spent years learning how to do it and studying it.  He gets loads of people wanting him to tend to their garden.  He could easily fall in love with being the gardener of the century and doing hundreds of gardens at huge cost to himself because he would never see his wife or children then.  He could also be really stupid and do it for free, but then he could not feed himself, his wife or children, nor pay for the van he needs to get from job to job, nor for the tools he needs.  You know he is dedicated because he does it full time but you also know that if he did it free people would try to take advantage, he would never be able to meet the demand and he would never have any money to live on.   It is exactly the same for a light worker or psychic clairvoyant and medium. 

There are empaths and empaths. A true one can see into another person and pick up how they feel. Saying you sympathise does not make you an empath, that is the easy bit. You have to be able to actually feel and see where they are coming from. 

But being such an empathic person comes with its own problems and difficulties . You will be faced with huge choices about your lifestyle and how you use your gifts.The decisions you make  will shape your life on many levels: your health, your stamina, your energy, your  relationships, your work or business , your love life, your psychological wellbeing, and your general level of satisfaction and contentment. Unfortunately others like to assume that an empath should always help. They see their ability to understand properly and feel the other person's torment or feelings as giving them some god given right to that empath and their help and time. Hence empaths will often find themselves in the role of helper or at least being asked to be of help to someone. Their nature as feeling individuals means they can easily relate to other people and they are exemplary listeners. The trouble with this is that the empath is always giving, whether this is in effort,  care,  time and the others are always taking and this comes at a huge  cost to the empath because they may find yourself burdened with the problems of others and left with less time in which to live your own life. 

 Take a well known psychic, for example, they will receive hundreds of pleas for consultations every day.  If they gave those consultations for free the word would get about and they would receive a lot more, simply because it is free. They would also find that the people who had a consultation with them last week would want another one today and another one next week, simply because it is free. Then there would also be no cash coming in to reimburse for the cost of the website, office and office helpers and other costs of running the "business". Because even if it is all done for free the costs are the same. But the light worker or psychic clairvoyant and medium would also have to worry about money and income whilst being available for free, so they would have the added burden of worrying about how they pay their bills. Then they either have to get a "proper paid job" and put the free consultations on the back burner and always be too busy for them  OR charge for readings. 




Whether or not you identify as a lightworker, your gut instinct will probably be to help, but the reality is you can’t help everyone and you cannot and should not be expected to. . As hard as it is, you must say no a great deal of the  time in order to preserve your own mental and physical wellbeing, your energy and your sense of peace. A light worker, psychic , clairvoyant medium, tarot reader has to  create boundaries and maintain them when asked for help.

A really busy full time professional psychic may seem very busy but if they allowed people to help themeselves to their time and help they would be even busier. I could easily be fully booked every evening, all day saturday and all day sunday.   People ask me for free consultations not thinking that I turn away a lot of paid ones, because I value my relaxation time, family time, romance time, fun time and rest time more than I do money. So it stands to reason I will not be giving that time away for free then. 

It’s not an easy choice to make, but one you have to live with. Every empath will have to strike their own balance between offering their services as helper and healer, and giving a firm, but polite, no. A decent and caring person would be able to think of this and put themselves in your shoes and not ask in the first place. The really busy psychics will understand what I mean.  And this is one reason why psychics charge money, we feel that a fair swap is acceptable,  we swap our help and our time for some money or whatever it is that you are giving us in return.  That way we do not feel exploited or used. And we can pay our bills. 

Why psychics become professionals

Beth Shepherd psychic medium clairvoyant and tarot card reader, 

life coach, agony aunt, relationship expert and healer


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