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Why do Some Expect so Much?

Category: Life and People

Why do some expect so much?

I am picking out a handful of people and focusing on them. I cannot give names and so on , it would not be right, but if they read this and are reasonably self aware they will know I mean them.

Most of the people who come to my site are in search of a good relationship consultation, where they find out what is what and what they should do. This can be of enormous benefit if the client listens to what they are told and follows the advice .

People can see that there are two pages of free readings,  and a free prayer page.

They can see they can pay for a telephone reading with Beth Shepherd the psychic medium personally,or a psychic email reading with Beth Shepherd, or with her protege Hilary.

So those who have no money, are on a tight budget or do not want to spend - if they have any sense - go to the free reading pages and take advantage of the fact that Beth Shepherd spent a lot of money on thost pages at no cost to THEM.  The same with the free prayer forum.

People do not usually expect the most experienced, famous, established, reputable psychics, clairvoyants and mediums to offer anything at all for free, they realise that the more established a person is the more popular they are and the more they must value what they are offering, time is money and so on.

In order to make consultations for genuine clients who want a 1 2 1 live with Beth Shepherd or Hilary we cut down on wasting money on things like writing back and forth answering silly simple enquiries. Some clients are too lazy to read the webpage and write to us asking us to explain everything.  They think we should set aside half an hour or more of the office helpers' time to do this in the hope of getting another booking,  but we are too busy sorting out consultations to this, and the only way we would have time to do it every time someone had a simple enquiry is to have a lot more staff - which costs money - this cost would then make the paid consultations cost more. When someone writes with a simple query they get a return mail that asks them to go to the website to look.  But some people see this and ignore it or ask anyway. We had someone the other day who was asked to go to the website to look,  she then sent us another query saying  THE WEBSITE SAYS IT TAKES UP TO FIVE DAYS.  HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? The interesting thing is that she had only booked the very cheapest very short basic consultation with Hilary,  yet she was acting as if she was the most important client we have and waiting for a very complicated time consuming reply. We get lots of clients who book detailed, long consultations who are not forever writing back and forth with queries, so it is rather odd when someone who has spent a lot less and is waiting for a lot less gets all het up about how long  they have to wait!  It becomes every more ridiculous when you remember that they saw at the top of the page that it takes UP TO FIVE WORKING DAYS before they booked.  And they were given the option of paying more to speed it up! 

The thing we have noticed is that when we look at the information these people give us for their consultation it is always about how they had a boyfriend or girlfriend who has dumped them,  and they want them back. You think to yourself well perhaps you were very needy with them, perhaps you were always asking for things, wanting  more nagging for things to be quick,   wanting special treatment, perhaps you were selfish with them too.  You see when someone has a partner they have to make their wife, spouse, husband, partner happy. If they fail the wife, spouse, husband, partner leaves.  That is the same with all relationships if you look at them in a black and white way. To say I do not know why but they left  or ended it shows a lack of powers of observation and a lack of thought to others being happy. There are always signs before someone ends it, anyone who is reasonably observant would pick up. 

We recently had a very strange woman write to us, a very verbally abusive and disturbed woman,  going on about how she had paid another website for a clairvoyant psychic medium and tarot reading and was not happy with it and they had refused to give her the money back. So she decides to harrass us, shout at us, bombard us with mails and all the rest. And guess what. She was another one who had someone lose interest in her and wanted them back.  Do you think that she expected too much from them too and tried to treat them in a selfish weird way too?  People who have these problems need therapy and counselling, a good therapist can help them, Beth Shepherd would be able to help them in her capacity as a therapist, but to go for a psychic clairvoyant medium and tarot reading is being complacent about what the actual problem is and how it affects things.  If someone is behaving in an irrational and selfish way towards others they need to change that, not just expect the other person to want to come back.  They have to be normal,  nice and decent to be with first.

The other thing  we get sometimes, which is not only insulting but makes no sense at all. Is where the newbie client sees that they have to pay say £120 to find out what they want to know and do not like it so they go to the contact form and put on there that they need to know this and this and that and are waiting for a (free) consultation. They really think that if they put it on that contact form instead we will pass it on to Beth Shepherd who will do it at no charge! How ridiculous is that?!  If Beth was willing to do £120 consultations for free then nobody would ever use the free reading pages or go for a cheaper reading with her or with Hilary. And we would have no need for price lists and we would not be able to pay for the website, the man who works on the website, the office, the office staff and the psychics!And guess what. Their question is always about some person they hurt, lied to , used or abused and now they want them to come back. 

Beth Shepherd psychic clairvoyant medium and tarot cards 


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