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When psychic clients are not genuine

Category: My Psychic Life

When psychic clients are not genuine

Most of the people who contact us to get a reading from Beth Shepherd pay for their insight predictions and guidance  and have it and then write to say thank you, but there are a few who are not so genuine and far more mean and selfish who write to me and say something like  HI BETH I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP . MY HUSBAND HAS LEFT ME AND I AM VERY UPSET. YOU MUST HELP ME. I DO NOT HAVE ANY MONEY SO YOU MUST HELP ME FOR FREE. MY DATE OF BIRTH IS AND HIS DATE OF BIRTH IS AND........................... and they go on and on writing as if they know that the person reading it will feel that they must be obliged somehow to cancel two or three of their other clients who had paid and waited for their reading to do this very long and detailed one at no charge instead.  Never ever do they write as if they are asking if it is ok to have it free, they always try to decide for the psychic.   You must do it for free, not please or thank you. Presumably they see psychics as people who sit there doing readings all day for nothing - with no life - starving to death, and think this is fine? 

when psychic clients are not genuine

And when we do not respond or we politely respond to say sorry but we cannot help people who want free consultations, it would not be fair to Beth or her genuine clients, but very often if we are polite enough to reply to say that we cannot make exceptions and do freebies we are then bombarded with abusive and nasty mails going on about Beth Shepherd being a fake, a charlatan just after money and some will threaten to bad mouth us to their friends and wherever if we do not cough up. 

when psychic clients are not genuine

In many cases when psychic clients are not genuine it is easy to see that they are mentally ill, emotionally disturbed or not very bright and not all there, it is also easy to see that they are not logical or fair to other people and it may well be why their husband left them in the first place. I wonder if these people realise that there is such a thing as karma. If you try to rob a clairvoyant or bad mouth them or ill treat them in anyway which is unfair and uncalled for,  the law of karma sends back twice as much on you for being unfair and unjust.  The clairvoyant involved probably does not even know about it. But as it was caused by the harm the bully tried to do to that psychic it is only that clairvoyant who can remove any curse/bad luck/evil/black magic or whatever you wish to call it.  In some cases they are going on and on about how they need Beth Shepherd to arrange for their lover to return to them. They cannot live without their ex, it is awful.But one has to ask oneself if they treated their ex as unfairly and as selfishly as they try to treat psychics, and that would explain why the lover went and does not want to return.

Unsure about whether or not to consult Beth shepherd the famous psychic medium? There are two pages on this site full of proof of how good she is!  Plus an extra page with extra testimonials received after those pages were put together. You can also read a bit about her life as a working professional reliable spiritualist here.   And some more news is here, shared by Beth Shepherd

When psychic clients are not genuine we even get some of them try to threaten us to put it through as a free consultation saying they will go online telling the whole World how mean Beth is.  Well Beth does not even know they exist. She is too busy with genuine consultations to want to hear about the others individually. Maybe some do, we do  sometimes hear from one of our happy regular clients that someone read this or that, and it usuallly makes no sense whatsoever.  For those who are not aware of it Beth Shepherd is always fully booked with psychic email readings and clairvoyant phone readings, which is why she hires us, her staff, to deal with enquiries, the office, website etc. 

email tarot readings

A logical person would think to themselves that they cannot afford a reading so they should save up until they ask for one  or forget the whole idea. Same as you would if you wanted anything else in life that you cannot afford.  A logical person would think to themselves that Beth has to pay for a website and pay for her office and staff, and has expenses to cover, and would have to put up the price of the other peoples' readings if this person or that one had free ones,  but they do not see this because they are not smart enough or do not care.  A logical person would say to themselves that lots of people would love to write and get freebies given the chance and it would end up with most or all of them being free then.

When psychic clients are not genuine here is another point. When you see tramps and vagabonds and the homeless begging for money for food, they HOPE to get enough to buy a burger or sandwich or something else which is cheap and filling. They do not think that if they are starving and poor that somehow entitles them to go to the most expensive and best and get caviar or duck in orange sauce.  The whole idea of being desperate for food is that you need some food to exist and survive, not to be pampered and treated like a Queen. So how does it follow that if you are desperate for a i ching or rune stone or crystal ball lreading you can go to one of the most famous and most established and qualified and expensive ones and get the very best, one that many people who work hard cannot afford? If you really NEED a reading and really cannot afford it you do it for yourself or get a book and teach yourself or go to a friend who plays around with tarot cards, you do not expect to be able to avoid the cheapest and least qualified ones and all for free.

when psychic clients are not genuine

Going to a professional clairvoyant who has a website,  office, staff and works full time expecting it for free also means that when psychic clients are not genuine they assume the clairvoyant has a stash of money tucked away somewhere so that whenever someone like them goes to them and asks for a freebie they can get their husband or family or savings to pay for the loss they make that day. That the clairvoyant somehow has no right to get paid when they work or give out their time to a stranger, or cover the costs of their website, office, staff and wages.  Which shows greed and a total lack of understanding but it also shows that they do not care one jot about the clairvoyant psychic.They see the clairvoyant as someone to use, as a tool not a person with their own needs. To say that a psychic should do a freebie because it proves they are caring is ridiculous. A pharmacist would not hand you free medicine because he cares. A doctor would not give you a free diagnosis and a nurse would not change your bandages for you for free. Someone has to pay their expenses and salary.  If they say no it does not mean that they do not care.

Nobody ever gets a free reading through our site, it would not be fair to us or our clients. But for those who really believe they cannot afford a consultation and cannot afford one take advantage of the prayer forum,  the free reading pages, no sign up, all helpful.  Not found any other site with such interesting free readings.

Beth Shepherd psychic medium  When psychic clients are not genuine 


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traineenurse Says:
Until I became a nurse I would have found this hard to understand. I WAS NAIVE. When I became a nurse I started to go around peoples' houses to help them with blood pressure checks, changing bandages etc. They knew I was a trained qualified nurse yet they and they knew that I had a list of twelve or more people to visit in one day. Time was of the essence. Most of my time was spent on travelling. Some of them would say hey nurse, can you just pop out to the supermarket and get me some beer and some bread? ! Honest. Even thought that would take me a good half an hour or more and mean that I take longer doing my rounds and do not get paid for that extra half an hour that comes out of my own spare time. Very often they would demand it or get angry if I said I could not.l Yet I had to try to finish work by 5 o'clock in the afternoon because I myself had to go and do another job in the evening which started at 7. And they knew that - but did not care. IF I had agreed to all of this I would have ended up rushing straight from my nursing job to my other job without time to eat or change or wash. I once said to an elderly lady but I thought you have a helper who comes in to do your shopping etc, ask her. And she bluntly and brazenly said to me well she will not ask her helper because the helper charges per hour!
cinammonandspice Says:
It really does beggar belief that such people exist. I used to help out in a charity shop. People would donate all sorts of things they did not want but did not want to throw away, or could not be bothered to sell, or wanted to help people with. But there were also the others who would come in, often with a lot of jewellery on, and say have you got any suits in my size I can have for free?? or shirts of jumpers or whatever ! Honest. And they were better dressed and spoke better than the ones who just paid. We had some really good second hand suits for about $10 and people still tried to get them free or knock us down in price. If we had said yes to them all we would have been running at a loss, unable to pay for the electricity and such. Of course, they do not care about that.
Office Says:
There should be some sort of International code or accreditation so that when we want to consult someone for a tarot or clairvoyant reading we know they are accredited first, but because of the way the World works it is all higgly piggly varying from one town to another and one country to another. What horrifies me is that there are so many psychics out there (I use the term loosely !) who do not care if they are accredited and simply tell us they are able to read the cards and believe that is enough to convince me. Surely I would have to be very gullible and naive if that were enough for me?
Ian Says:
I find this shocking. I work as an accountant, do not earn a lot but enough to live on. If some of my new clients said to me that they are struggling and need me to do their book keeping and accounts for free that would dent my costs and income so much I would have to shut up shop and change my job. Nobody needs a chat with a psychic. I ring Beth and sometimes email her because she helps me with some stuff about my marriage, but if I could not afford it I would feel very ashamed of myself if anyone suggested it should be free, when I have a bit less coming in then I put it off for a month or two, you budget and you spend according to your income. If you are struggling on your normal income then get a little part time job or do some over time or cut down on your luxuries.
Tabatha Says:
Hi Beth and all. I used to work as a tarot reader on those 0898 numbers, I was one of the genuine ones, I know there arent' many of them. I often had peeps ringing and saying to me hey you, I need to know blah blah and hurry up, you have to tel me in two or three minutes, I am just about to rush out to the shops and do not have more time etc. Yeah right. Like someone would decide they are going to have a tarot reader just at the same time they are flying out the door shopping. Think what they really mean is this. I only want to pay 60 cents or maybe 120 cents altogether so I will tell you a fib about why I only want to pay for two minutes. I GOT SICK OF IT. How can I tell them all of this stuff and such important stuff that quick? They would get real mouthy when I said I need to shuffle the cards and stuff and slam phone down. Not nice people.
Sanja Says:
Your daily free oracle is genial , accurate and has a philosophical touch.