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Oh dear !

Category: My Psychic Life

21st June 2019  You will not get many people who are more experienced than me, not more able to understand how varied people can be. Yet it still astounds me that there are people out there who get it into their head that they fancy a psychic reading (fancy , want but never NEED) and think they can go online and google it and find various websites like mine and then drop a line to the owner of the website saying something like

Hi Beth

Hope you are well.  I need a reading about my boyfriend John, he went off with another woman again and he is always cheating on me. His date of birth is xxxxx and mine is xxxxxx and I need to know what is going to happen. Will he come back? Will he dump this other woman?  blah blah blah.

They know there is an email reading page on the site and they know all of the other clients use it.

But they avoid it because it means paying..

They think if they drop me a "POLITE"  line going on about it then somehow they can avoid paying altogether.

Which is the same as saying that my website does not cost me a fortune each week,   my three ladies who come in and sort out all of the bookings etc will work for free,  and I am happy to work all day every day for free too.  Really?

Let me tell you something. I am now in my sixties.  I love to help people and have been working as a clairvoyant psychic and tarot reader, therapist and relationship expert - full time, for many years. I gave up a much better and safer job - financially - to do this instead.   I have made a lot of sacrifices to work as a full time professional psychic.  I have studied and developed and trained for a long time to be an expert at i ching, rune stones, crystal ball , tarot and all of the rest. Because I want to really help people.

But I do not get some sort of windfall every week - £3000 or so - which would cover the cost of the website office and staff,  and that would be even if I were (silly enough) to work for free.

If people knew I did some free readings it would not be long before I get more and more people writing for them.  The only way I would have time to do them is to cancel my dates with my boyfriend,  yes even though I am in my sixties I date and have a boyfriend, shame on me,  my family, my friends, my outings, my social life.  I would have to forget about walking my dogs, forget about all of the normal things like sitting and watching a film on the tv, because I would be so snowed under with requests to do free readings I would not have a second for anything else.

This would mean I have no life and am forever exhausted and worn out.

It would also mean that people would take me for granted. Because I know from hearing from other psychics clairvoyants and mediums that if you do freebies those people expect to be able to come back to you over and over again for more freebies.  Where they would save up to consult you again when they can afford it there would be nothing to stop them wanting another one tomorrow, because it is all easy and free, they would maybe ask for two the same day! They would totally take up your time and monopolise you.

I once knew a little old lady who did free readings. She was a lovely lady and meant well but rather naive and gullible.  She soon had everyone in the area turning up  on her doorstep for freebies whenever it suited them.  She was scared to go out in case she missed someone and disappointed them. She never took her dogs out for a walk because of that and because she was too busy with readings.  She never had time to clean her house or bake herself a cake. She never had time to ring her sister for a long chat or sit and do a crossword book or watch a film in peace from start to finish, she belonged to everyone, and nobody did a thing for her in return. Not one bought her a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers or offered to walk her dogs or offer to clean her house to show they were not just taking all of the time.

And if you think about this logically and follow that through it would get to the stage where women come over to chat about their miserable marriage or their nasty boyfriend or their lack of a love life and she would say yes same here. I am miserable too.I have no life.  I do not even know what sex or a love life is. I am always too busy doing readings to have a normal life!  How would she be able to understand how a wife feels if she argues with her husband if she is on her own all day and the only time she is with someone is when someone turns up for a free reading? She would no longer have any relationships or understand relationships!

The crunch came when this poor lady was taken to hospital with kidney problems. None of these people who were forever eager to go to her for free psychic clairvoyant readings bothered to come to the hospital,  feed her dogs,  tidy up for her or come over to help her when she returned.  And this lady who had liked and trusted people realised what a waste of time that all was and stopped doing readings.

Most do what I did and decide that the only way it works and is fair  is to charge for readings. I only started charging originally because otherwise the phone was ringing off the hook and people were forever turning up on the doorstep all hours expecting to just walk in and exhaust me for hours and walk out again.  

I don't charge because I am short of money, I charge to cover my expenses of running this business, and to cover my time and the exhaustion that can come from doing clairvoyant psychic and medium readings.. I don't want to be doing readings 24 7, I need to relax and have fun and go out and do normal things too, and if I did not charge I would be getting far too many asking for my help. It would mean I have to do nothing but this and have no time for anything else,which would be ridiculous. It would also mean that I have to find a way to raise a lot of money to pay for the website and staff and office out of nothing.

In fact you should be very wary of so called psychics clairvoyants and mediums who charge because they are short of money, they are usually the fakes and charlatans who are only in it in the hope of getting money and have no sympathy or care for others whatsoever. 

The other day I had to go and see my consultant doctor about something.  She is a caring person. Like me she is qualified and experienced and works full time. And guess what - she charged me. She charged me the full price. I did not get a discount because I am a clairvoyant psychic and medium or because I am also a caring people person.  And she charges about five times what I charge and did not help me very much at all.  But that is how life works.  I then choose whether to see her again.  If you cannot afford something or you think it is not worth the price go elsewhere or leave it.

Beth Shepherd psychic medium

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Beth Shepherd
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anonymous Says:
Why do people need you to explain why you do not work for free? I help people, I am an agency nurse. I do ot earn heaps but I earn a reasonable wage and can afford holidays and a nice car. If anyone ever said I should work for free I think I would spit in their face. I work because I need to earn a living AND because I have bills to pay, same as most other people. I chose a caring profession and I really do care, but if I was expected to work for free I would be too "BUSY". Because I would be working in a local shop or office instead. Not saving people money on their health care bills while I struggle to find a dime teo pay for electricity.
The free ones are like the vanity writers who are so desperate for people to read what they write they pay for it to be published and ignore that a publisher does not want it. Or the women you see hanging around in groups and clusters lining up to sing karoake caues they dream of being a singer but cannot get paid work. Find it quite sad and pathetic. But in the case of psychic, tarot, clairvoyance, crystal ball and all the rest it is dangerous cause you could listen to such a person in good faith - take note of what they say - and then wham,find out six months or a year later or whenever that it was all wrong and you made a big mistake. One of the women who live in my road is always wanting to come around to give me free tarot card readings. It is amazing how many of the others around her let her, all they see is that it is free so go for it, I work out that if it was any good she would be too busy, with people who want to pay, so I always tell her what a pity I am too busy to do it today. Don't want to be rude to her or set tongues wagging but will not let her mess up my life just because she is bored, lonely, needing attention or whatever.
claire Says:
In a way this thing about how you have amateur psychics who fall over themselves to do it free but are not popular and the ones like you Beth who are proper professionals and charge and have to charge to keep away people from taking all your time etc is a bit like the difference between the sluts/tarts who sleep around with guys at the drop of a pin, often not that attractive, getting on a bit, not much use at conversation, dont dress great, no style or finesse or anything special about them. Or the women who say hey I get lots of guys wanting me, I dress well, I am gorgeous, I know four languages, I speak well, I have a phd, so I will become a high class call girl, and be picky about the men I meet.
PaulRegent Says:
You know Beth this has struck a chord with me. I have worked as a tarot card reader for about six years professionally and before that free and I can see where you are coming from.When I did it free I would have so called friends climb out of the woodwork, people who forgot I existed all of the time until they wanted a free reading. Then all of a sudden I was their best friend. They would ask me about their job or their girlfriend and a day or two later want to ask me the same things all over again! You do not get that when you charge! Very often it was as if they were not really listening. All easy come easy go. Sometimes I would get a call from someone I barely knew and they would say to me that they desperately and urgently need to speak to me because of whatever, ignoring that I have had a hard day at work and am exhausted from it (I worked as a bricklayer then) or that I was eating my main meal or that I was just about to go out. All they cared about was them. Now I would not put up with being interrupted while I eat or am about to go out if they were paying. You have to be firm with people. I think the people who do free readings are - quite frankly stupid and desperate. They know that their readings are not worth paying for, so they do them free rather than not doing them at all, like vanity writers. You know those vanity writers who say they write poems and are so desperate to see them in print they pay for it. Yet nobody ever wants to read their books and they end up with an enormous pile of them in the garage, being eaten by insects. It is the same with a lot of psychics? who do free readings. They cannot get a job as a reader because they are not good enough to employ, and they are not smart enough to set up their own business, and their readings are - rubbish - so they go around doing it for free just to feed their desire. With no thought to if the readings are of any help to anyone and if they are accurate. They just assume they must be. If they were any good they would get the same problem I used to get and you used to get Beth - too many people wanting too many sessions. Where you have to either start to charge or close it down. I am proud to say that I became a full time tarot card reader. My tarot card readings are very helpful to a lot of people. There is no reason they should be free. I am in my seventies, I do not need to earn money to pay a house loan or whatever, but I do need time and peace of quiet and rest, having the phone ring non stop and having people forever wanting more tarot card readings would not suit me, so I charge to stop that happening. Tomorrow I am off to my friend in Washington, a lovely man who also dabbles with the tarot cards and is in the same boat. He gets too many people wanting to bend his ear and use his talents all of the time, and he has to decide whether to charge and do it properly or drop it. It is up to him.It worked for me and it worked for you and it works for the ones who are good, the rubbish ones fall by the wayside when they charge properly and have been doing it for a while.