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How do I get to earn £600 a week doing psychic readings?

Category: FREE Advice on your problems

I need to know this urgently. I will then learn how to do these psychic readings.  But do bear in mind that I am only interested in working two days a week, am too busy to do more.

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Emily Says:
Hi there,

Thank you for your post. I wish that I could provide you with the exact answer you are looking for, but unfortunately the road into this industry is long. It requires you to harness the power inside you, and spend a large amount of time dedicated to the practice. This is not work you can begin without any experience, as your credibility is one of the most important aspects. This is why Beth herself receives so many loyal clients. Ultimately, as time progresses and you work to grow a wider client base, you may have the chance to charge higher rates and create more flexibility within your work schedule.

- Aquablue287 - London, UK
Rae-In-London Says:
Hi there,

There is more to being a psychic then choosing what days you work! There are many things to consider before perusing that line of work.

To be a psychic, I believe, there must be some sort of 'gift'- a natural inclination towards human emotions, auras, a connection and deep empathy with people.

There are places you can go to to be taught to read tarot cards etc. I believe Beth Shepard has a number of places in which you can find for this on her page.

Glasshalffull-stockton-on-tees Says:
To whom it may concern,

I don't know if anyone can be taught how to be a psychic. You either have the gift or you don't. However, you can be taught to hone your skills. So I think some sort of mentoring programme might be in order.

Beth Shepherd gives a list of reputable societies that you might apply to. They could at least advise on training and mediums who might be interested in taking you on. They should also advise you on what you will need to know, and what everyone needs to know when setting up a business or becoming self employed.

None of this is a quick fix, and you will need to fork out for training and assessments. Most people tend to look at your training and experience as key to your expertise. As for being only available for two days a week, that will be dependent on the course or courses you take, or the clairvoyant concerned that chooses to mentor ot employ you. Hopefully this will be of some help. Wishing you the best for all your future endeavours!

sambirminghamuk Says:
Psychic readings are not something a person can just learn to do at will. It's not like having a thought about doing something, then taking an action. Intuitive and perceptive abilities don't work in that way. How do you know that you will be able to access "your psychic capabilities" on the two days a week you are willing to work?