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8th April 2018

Category: My Psychic Life

We received this today.

in depth psychic reading

I was wondering Can you please help me? All I want Is Me and my ex back together, Me and him happy, me, For his family to accept me , To spend time with his family, For my parents to accept him again, For him to add me on Facebook and move forward. All I did was get lied to by the spell casters, scammed by the spell casters, threatened by the spell casters and abused but then I found out that they were scammers and they just wanted my money and were not real spell casters and not genuine. I spent $3,000 dollars on the spell casters. I didn't have any work done or any spells done. I'm not asking for you to work for free or have a spell for free, I just want someone honest genuine caring and that will help and make my wish come true and for me to be happy. He is my true love my soul mate my best friend I miss him

This is what the person said there in black and white in her email

What she means is that because she (claims to have ) spent $3,000 on unreal spell casters she now expects a real spell caster to do a spell for her for free.  Now can you imagine if we had used that same analogy with any other profession. You go into a restaurant and have a meal, you do not enjoy it, but you have paid for it. You then walk into another restaurant and say look I had a meal at such and such restaurant and I paid for it and it was no good so give me a free meal. Or you have some new windows put in, you have paid for them but they start to chip and peel and have to be removed and replaced. So you expect the person who is supplying the better replacement windows to replace the bad ones for free!

Nobody needs a spell!  It is not something where if you do not get it then you somehow stop breathing and thinking and feeling, you are still you, you can still have your relationships, go to work, live your life, you simply do not have the supposedly help of a white or black witch, same as many people. A white magic spell is a total luxury. If you cannot afford it do not ask for it.

Unfortunately as you know I am a full time professional, I earn my wages by doing this,I have to pay for my website and I have an office and staff to pay for, so all that has to be paid for before I make a penny of profit and it would not be fair to put the prices up for all of the genuine psychics and clairvoyant clients so that this covers this free one.

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If anyone out there would like to pay for the help this woman is asking for please go to the website and arrange it and pay for it there. But we do NOT give free 1 2 1s, we do not know any professional reputable psychic who does, it would not be fair on her or her other clients.

Beth Shepherd psychic medium

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James Says:
I am spitting feathers here ! What a nerve some people have. When I was considering having a spell I started to save up so that I could afford it. It was difficult because I can only get part time work now, and it is not well paid, but that is not the point. I have been saving for about six weeks and was planning to have enough for my white magic spell in another week or so. I would never dream of saying I expect it for free, and I would expect someone to be paid when they work. I can imagine that you would end up being asked to do hundreds a week if you did them for free - too ! An impossible task. Some would want a dozen spells!