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28th June 2019 Laura Guiterrez Garcia Germany

Category: My Psychic Life

Some people are strange.   Here is an example - Laura Guitierez Garcia, 61 Allinger Strasse, 82178 Puchheim, Germany.

Laura's first email asked if Beth Shepherd has ever done a reading for her. It took is some time to look it up in our records and we could not go back years and years but we looked back a bit and said no. This seemed to make her very angry.  She then bombarded us with very nasty, rude, demanding and accusing mails that made no sense.  Asking is how many staff we have etc. Things which are either easy to figure out if you read the site, no secret, or none of her business.  Even clients cannot ask us all the ins and outs of our business and she is not a client and never will be.  She then demands  to speak to Beth Shepherd personally insisting she does not exist!  So if we were stupid enough to let her ring us and speak to Beth (by appointment)  then what? What is the point of us giving her a free consultation with Beth?  Why would we?  We would not give her a paid one let alone a free one.   Does this mean that the nastier and louder and more ridiculous a person is the more chance they have of free consultations?  She said Beth Shepherd does not exist so why would she ask to speak to her?  And if she does not exist how come people book and pay for a telephone reading with her? 

And  Laura Guitierez Garcia, 61 Allinger Strasse, 82178 Puchheim, Germany. been sending us vile emails like that ever since.  Am not sure what we are supposed to have done. Because if she had had a reading from us and was unhappy with it she would have said so, but she has never ever used our websiteShe has never paid us a penny or cent for our help or time.  Today she wrote to us again to warn us that we are in big trouble etc and she is investigating us etc.  She then went on facebook trying to post libellous and defamatory abusive comments about us and our staff on our page, of course we threw them out and did not publish them.   We have already heard from one other reputable psychic that she has been harrassing  that website and it's staff  for days because she had two expensive readings from her and then tried to demand her money back and threatened them with the Police (who have no jurisdiction over such things) if they did not return her money.   Despite the fact she had received the readings and they were excellent.  Surely if you cannot afford expensive readings then you go for cheap more basic short ones, and you do not have more than one! 

To send dozens of vile emails to a psychic who you paid for a reading is bad enough, but this Laura Guitierez Garcia, 61 Allinger Strasse, 82178 Puchheim, Germany is sending us vile nasty and abusive threatening emails when she has never used our website for a paid service. We had never heard of her before this began! 

We know some want the best of both Worlds. They want the readings but they also want to keep the money they cost, so they think if they threaten a psychic with this and that - maybe the Police - they will get scared and give them back their money. We found it quite amazing that when she sent us about fifty vicious emails and we responded with a very short one reminding her that she had never been a client and we do not know why she is writing to us in the first place.  We got another abusive mail threatening us with the Police saying we are harrassing her.    For all we know and we would not be surprised she has already done this with other psychics. It seems that she is now on a vendetta against all psychics either trying to get free readings from them or trying to make their lives a misery.  And has this idea that all psychic websites are run by or owned by the same person.  This is certainly the case with Laura Guitierez Garcia, 61 Allinger Strasse, 82178 Puchheim, Germany. Dreaming Angel on facebook.

Some of the stuff that these people come out with is quite entertaining if it was not so sad that they believe it themselves.  i.e.  "I have found out that you do not own the website you work for, this means that you are an imposter and breaking the law and will go to prison, I am getting the police onto you".

There are millions of websites that are owned by one person but with dozens of staff who work for them. So what!  And if it was illegal it would be a court that deals with it not the police.

Or "I know you have more than one psychic working there - this is illegal - you are in big trouble" 


This means that about 50000 psychic websites are breaking the law because they hire more than one psychic!  How ridiculous.

As for saying I know, I have found out, it is hardly a secret. Our website says you can choose between the two psychics!  It is one of the reasons our site is so popular. Many psychic sites have dozens of staff, especially the call centres and agencies.

The last email this woman Laura Guitierez Garcia, 61 Allinger Strasse, 82178 Puchheim, Germany sent us said that she had "found out " that we have more than one person here and this is illegal and the police will be informed and we will be arrested" Wow.  I thought the website made it clear there are various psychics working here  AND various people working in the office sorting out the consultations and dealing with the website. Hardly a secret or illegal. 

When this lady Laura saw this blog she tried to put comments on it saying that we are breaking the law by having a website. And then she was furious that we did not post the comments and include them - what a big surprise!  Like a lot of websites we check out comments to blogs before we allow them to be included, why would we include comments that shout at us, call us names, threaten us and say we are guilty of breaking the law - especially when it is untrue. 

We also know from bitter experience that sometimes when a client such as Laura Guitierez Garcia, 61 Allinger Strasse, 82178 Puchheim, Germany is fed up, unhappy, miserable, lonely, they want to blame the psychic. As though the psychic should make sure that their life is better and that all of the things they are not feeling right about change and become wonderful. So if the client asks the psychic if they will get married soon and the psychic says no, they turn nasty towards them, shooting the messenger. But in the case of a mentally ill one who is unbalanced they may then threaten them, harrass them,  make demands of them,  because all of the anger they feel at their own inability to make wise life choices or changes is vented and taken out on them - they become the scape goat.  What the client (in this case non client as she has never had a paid reading with us) should do is look at their own choices in life and whether or not they can improve them and admit to themselves that if they got the sack from a job it was their fault, and if their boyfriend dumped them it was their fault, not take their anger out on psychics. 

But in this case Laura Guitierez Garcia has never been a client. Has never paid us a penny. But decides that because she had at least one reading from another site and tried to demand they give her the money back and failed she can persecute us with lots of nasty vile emails. 

We have been helping people with accurate, genuine, helpful psychic readings for more than forty years, so I suppose it is amazing we do not get more of this.  This is only the second time we have had someone stalking us, harrassing us and  libeling us.  Yet we have had thousands of happy clients. You can se that we have a lot of likes on Facebook and a busy blog on Twitter. Which shows that we are genuine and why we are still here all these years later. 

So if you are a genuine psychic who wants to be warned about people who are not suitable to be taken on as clients because they are mentally  ill / too much trouble/  nasty/  abusive/ stalkers/ wanting something for nothing etc.  Here are her details.

Laura Guitierez Garcia, 61 Allinger Strasse, 82178 Puchheim, Germany.  She has tried to send us vile emails using other email addresses and names when we block her. 

Apparently she demands that psychics tell her that the man she is very keen on will be with her soon and is she is unemployed.

We could take her to court for libel.  We have plenty of proof that she has contacted us out of the blue and then sent us nasty, threatening and harrassing emails as well as ones which commit libel.  But can you imagine an unemployed woman flying over from Germany to appear in Court in England?  She probably has nothing else to do with her time, but I doubt she can afford the air fares and hotel etc. And we would have to send various staff members back and forth to court each day which costs us a lot of money in wages. We know we would win the case but it would be a fruitless win as she has no money to pay for our fees and the compensation we would be awarded. 

The reason we are here  - and it took us a lot to decide to put this blog, we were very much in two minds about it - was to warn others who do similar work to us to avoid this person  if they can. Thankfully if you  use pay pal she would have no choice but to book under her real name used on her account and would not be able to hide under an alias. But I would not be surprised that if she makes a booking and then you return the fee and refuse her business you would then get harrassment and masses of nasty emails too. She never sees the whole picture and always wants the best of both Worlds.And thank you to the lady who contacted us who knows Laura and told us she is not at all surprised about this and that if she were a psychic with a website she would not want her as a client either.

We had a little laugh this afternoon when we received a mail from someone asking if they can have our phone number to ring and speak to Beth for a phone reading..  anyone seriously wanting a phone reading would go to the telephone reading page and read details there. It is far quicker and easier and gives them a lot more info.You do not speak to the psychic about maybe making a booking,that is what a website and their staff are for. 

But this mail spoke as if they did not need to read the phone reading page, or check out prices, or pay!  They can just ring Beth Shepherd whenever they want for free!  When we politely pointed out that they must go to the website read the details and pay first we got a very gruff, stern, bossy, judgmental and arrogant reply which was very, very similar and in some places word for word the same as the nasty emails we received from Laura Guitierez Garcia, 61 Allinger Strasse, 82178 Puchheim, Germany.   a few days ago.  The same irrelevant, nosey, weird questions. Questions that someone who is genuinely wanting a reading would not ask or care about.  You cannot tell us this is a coincidence. Followed by emails with weird questions and accusations. 

We very much doubt she will go to the expense of booking a consultation with us  -   from what we have read on another site she makes a habit of having readings and then trying to frighten the other person into returning the money.  She now knows that pay pal do not fall for it so I doubt she would.  But if we do get an order from her we will return the money straight away and refuse/cancel the consultation. We believe that you should do the same. She writes to us as if she owns us and can help herself to our time and make the most ridiculous demands of us that we would not put up with if she were a paying customer.  Imagine what she would be like if she had been a paying customer! 

UPDATE 2nd July 2019

We have found out who the psychic was who was consulted by this lady  Laura Guitierez Garcia, 61 Allinger Strasse, 82178 Puchheim, Germany.  It is a lady who has been working as a clairvoyant for  years, full time, has lots of staff, has written for newspapers and magazines.   Her office told me that Laura had two readings with them recently, she chose two of the most expensive readings and was only wanting to hear from the senior psychic herself, rather than going for one of her psychic team which would have made it much cheaper for her.  The psychic did the readings and her office sent them on to Laura. Within seconds she wrote back shouting and screaming at her office with weird questions.  She had not had time to read her readings.  She demanded her money back with various weird reasoning. Though - of course - she would have still had her readings! When she saw there was no way she would get her money back she sent them masses of vile emails threatening them with the Police. This is blackmail and illegal.  When this did not work she wrote to this site and started sending weird emails with weird questions and more threats.  Even though we have never done a reading for her.

She tried to post nasty demands and threats on the other psychic's facebook page, but as her staff filter the comments and only allow the genuine normal ones onto there they do not appear.  Her LATEST comment said "if you contact her office and demand to speak to her they refuse. This proves she is a scam artist".  So let us get this straight.  Laura knows she has been banned by them. She shouts from the roof top that she knows they are con artists and scammers. So why would she want to talk to them and why would they want to talk to her?  Everyone knows that the only way you speak to a famous psychic is to make an appointment and pay. Enquiries go through the staff / office. I am not surprised Laura has been banned by that site, she has been banned by this one. 

So Laura read the site and checked her out and decided she was good enough to order two expensive readings from. But when she could not have the readings AND her money she then decided that lots of things about the website, service etc made it obvious it was a scam!  Does this mean that she is admiting she was a foolish idiot to trust the site when she placed two big orders?

Does she realise that most psychic sites have a lot of regular clients. Some of them are doing well career wise and own their own businesses. They are well educated and sensible. They would be able to figure out if a site was a scam, without any help from her.

Posting nasty comments on a national busy forum such as Facebook is a illegal and can result in a fine or worse.She would have to go to court if she posts anything nasty in such a way as she tried to and failed. The court would say she has to prove that whoever is a scam.  

Here is a low down on the law and legalities of it all.  Like all businesses we get all of this checked out before we begin business with legally qualified people.

When you sign up to use pay pal you agree to their terms of business. It is then up to them to decide whether a customer gets a refund or not if they have bought an item or service. You have no choice  but to agree to their decision because you cannot use their service without it. When you go to a psychic you agree to their terms of business. Most psychics say their readings are for entertainment only, others say they  do their best but cannot always be accurate or have good days,  either way they usually say that they do not give refunds.   The client has agreed to that when making their booking.  IF they are unsure about agreeing to this and worried about using the service and then regretting it it is better to go to someone less qualified and less experienced where it is cheaper,   or have one of the cheapest readings on the site.  But you cannot legally agree to terms of business with pay pal or a psychic and then go back on the agreement.

We now know that Laura chose to use pay pal to pay for two expensive readings with the other psychic.  By entering into paying through pay pal she is giving them authority to adjudicate if she then complains and asks for a refund and promising to abide by their decision. When she moaned within seconds of receiving her two readings - even though she had not had time to read them -  she was told by pay pal that the psychic site was entitled to keep the payment.  Yet instead of accepting this she writes to them again and this time used the excuse that the predictions made in the readings cannot be true, even though they are for some time in the future and she has no way of knowing this yet. Again pay pal said no.  They have now blocked her for writing to them again asking for a refund.  And there is also the fact that she had agreed with the psychic site that they do not issue refunds under any circumstances and all readings have to be considered to be entertainment only!

But there is another facet to this that maybe this silly Laura did not think of.  If this other psychic site is popular pay pal  know straight away that this is one complaint amongst hundreds or thousands of satisfied clients.  If all of the other clients are happy  and not asked for a refund then it is the client that is at fault not the psychic.   It is also obvious that people who are not nice and have no morals would not hesitate to get their reading and then try to get a refund too.  And a woman who has no job is more likely to. 

It is obvious that psychic sites are not going to do email readings and give them their money back - it is not some sort ot free sample. And it would be even more ridiculous if she has two readings and wants to call them both free samples.  IF you are unsure about consulting a clairvoyant read their website, check out their details, and if you are still not satisfied move on. IF you are still unsure have one cheap reading first before committing to spending too much.

We find it quite amusing that this lady, Laura, read the other website and chose to have two readings from it.  Yet after she has had the readings and has been refused a refund twice by pay pal she then goes on and on about how they are obviously liars and scam artists.  If that was true then why did she consult them in the first place?   If they are scam artists how come they have been around for years and have many regular clients?    The main psychic is a paid writer  on Quora,  she has written syndicated articles for newspapers,   she has been tested by experts and passed their tests.   Because she is  well qualified and popular she has junior psychics helping her.  

Our honest opinion is that an unemployed person who cannot get a job cannot afford one expensive reading let alone two and was planning to get a refund straight away under any pretence she could because she had planned to have both readings for free all along.   As she is unemployed she should be trying to get a job instead of trying to set up fake profiles and email addresses to besiege psychic sites with ridiculous and disgusting emails.

According to her she has reported us to the FBI and police.  For what?  

Because, according to her,Beth Shepherd should be working on her own and not have staff.

Because it is somehow Beth Shepherd's fault that Laura had readings from another site and was then angry when pay pal insisted she pay for them.

Because we refuse to give her Beth Shepherd's phone number and allow her to phone her for a consultatation without an appointment and without paying.

Because we refused to take orders from her for consultations and banned her due to the demanding, nasty and vile emails she sent us. 

There is nothing illegal about having staff. There is nothing illegal about banning difficult people. There is nothing illegal about only giving consultations to people by appointment and prepaid.

and do not forget, she has never been a client, we have never received a penny from her !

The FBI deal with terrorists, kidnapping, human trafficking, drugs. Individual members of the public cannot take a case to the FBI,  any case they take on has been passed on by the normal police etc, not the general public.  The FBI get too many nutcases, idiots and dreamers contact them trying to waste their time. Let us believe the fantasy of  that Laura Guitierez Garcia, 61 Allinger Strasse, 82178 Puchheim, Germany. FBI are investigating.  The FBI deal with crime in America and nowhere else, Laura lives in Germany and we are in the UK, I do not know where the other site is. If  the FBI had taken on the case she would go off and get busy with her life happy to know that a very dedicated, responsible and intelligent team of people are working on this for her. They would have told her to leave alone and leave it to them. So why would she  be trying to bombard the other psychic, us and any site she can to moan about is and accuse us?  Does she think that the FBI are not very efficient and need her help?  The FBI would have told her to leave it to them and they would have told her that she was the one who had broken the law several times.  She said she has reported us to the Police, strange that we have not heard from them.

If the FBI, Police or whoever were interested in this they would be pursuing pay pal for three times refusing her a refund. Because when you pay through a third party it is the third party that is held to account. Pay pal refuse thousands of paybacks every day, it is not something people can sue them for or get them into trouble for, it is the nature of their business and their decision. As a client of the service Laura had agreed to this before she paid.  And none of this would have anything to do with this site, all of this was with another psychic website.

They would also be pursuing Laura for blackmail, harrassment, libel etc.. 

UPDATE 18th July 2019

Surprise surprise, we have heard nothing from the Police or the FBI arresting us for preventing a malicious person from sending us hundreds of nasty emails, posting on our blogs and having several psychics and other staff members working for us.

UPDATE 30th July 2019

Instead of getting a job, like a sensible person would do, this woman keeps changing her email address and bombarding us and the actual site she had readings with and got angry with because she could not keep her money too with dozens of spiteful dishonest and ridiculous emails. For example, YOU WILL BE IN PRISON SOON.  For what? And how come the Police have no interest in us then. Sweetie, it is not illegal to have a psychic website, nor is it illegal to block nasty people from sending emails, nor is it illegal to have other staff working for the website. Deary me. If that were illegal then half of the psychic sites would be in trouble.  She has been banned from a lot of the genuine, busy psychic sites because of her behaviour.



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Happy Bunny Smiles Says:
Gee and wow. Someone had to know, I suppose you work for the payment bookings part of that site, fair enough, you cannot tell us all that. But I know from experience that people who do that type of thing then get investigated and watched by pay pal. They know she has lied and tried to rob one of their customers so they will be watching to see if she makes a habit of it and banning her if she does. The Law of Karma certainly works, and she brought it all onto herself. Would have been better off seeing a good therapist and sorting out her anger management and personality disorder so she could get a job.
rhubarb and custard Says:
I can tell you that I know which website this woman Laura tried to rob - and I am certain of my facts. She even tried to get pay pal to charge it back to her when she had admitted she had received both of the readings. Then she wrote to them again and tried to do it again. Again they said no and found in favour of the psychics. She tried a third time and this time lied and said she had never received her readings. What a nasty piece of scum. Am sure pay pal gets weirdo thieves try it on like this regularly and know how to deal with them, as do the psychics. Just shows how weird and selfish and mean some people are.
July Says:
These silly fools want it all their own way and then lie to try to wriggle out of it when found out. I once had a woman who kept bombarding me with requests for free readings and got very angry when I said no. I reminded her of the Law of Karma - you know it if you are psychics - and she then turns around and says that I have put a curse on her, stupid woman. Why would I want to do that? AND why would I cancel a few of my appointments with clients to find the time, I am better off doing paid for consultations, they have no brains whatsoever. If they mistreat us the Law of Karma attaches itself to them and their life goes downhill, does not mean that I did it personally or chose it, it is the Law of Karma not the law of July ! Anyway if they have not been bad mouthing us or mistreating us or trying to steal from us what have they got to worry about , it only happens to people who abuse psychics !
Think you got ot right Stephen12345
Hey Stephen12345 I have never read anything so selfish and dishonest and weird before. If I had my way clients would have to prove themselves to us before we decide they can be a real client. They expect us to prove ourselves to them but it should be two way.
Stephen12345 Says:
If I get this right, this "woman" (sounds more like a silly child) decided to have two expensive readings with a psychic site? Even though she did not have a job and income?! She read and agreed to the terms of business (only a fool does not) and she knows that she has entered into a legal agreement with the site that she has to pay no matter what and cannot cancel etc. Because she is paying through pay pal she knows she is entering into another legal agreement with pay pal that they adjudicate if there is a disagreement and must abide by their decision? Yet when she tries to fleece the psychic and pay pal stop her she thinks she can shout and scream and make trouble and report them?? Not to a Court, the normal place you go to for anything to do with money and commercial law, but the FBI ??????? pmsl and police????????? pmsl . When she is the one who is breaking the law??????? Does not take long to figure out why this person cannot get a job!
Hi to My little tarot card reading business has been online for four years. There is just me and I only do it one day a week, got no interest in doing it more. I used to see people at my home and got tired of that. People were always messing me around with no shows and stuff. I had my share of freeloaders and losers try it on. One lady wanted to come around at least once a week - yet she did not have a job and would go on and on about how she had no money! I learned my lesson when I saw her three times and then she started to complain that I was not very good and wanted her money back! If it was that bad why did she come three times?! You get all sorts with this and a lot of them are people who should be going to a counsellor or therapist or psychiatrist instead.
psychictarotreader Says:
Beth, I love visiting your site, there is always something new and interesting to read. I bet this idiot forgot that you could pass on her details and warn others. Serves her right. They think they can hide behind their computer and take a pop at you and get away with it. I would have done the same thing.

My sister and me work as tarot readers and we have a website. It is not as busy as most of them and we do it part time and work in a shop during the day, but we enjoy it and do it in good faith. We have only been online a few months so have not had any bunny boilers yet !
Vita M Says:
I simply cannot accept that any person similar to what’s been described by you is completely sane. Psychic beliefs are one thing, but this type of behaviour which includes bad judgment, lack of morals, anger, demands, bullying, lies, is a definite sign of mental instability and inability to see others and the World as it reallly is..
loveANDsunshine Says:
She is lucky that you are too busy and too nice to bother to take her to Court.
Jupiter Says:
Putting ideas in my head. Think I will go along to the local Chinese restaurant, eat a banquet and then insist it is free. Then when they make a fuss and do not let me get away with it and I get angry about it I write to lots of other Chinese restaurants calling them names and threatening them with the FBI and Police.

A few months ago I took my brother and his wife out for their wedding anniversary. I was short of money and had to borrow some, but I would never have dreamt of expecting the restaurant to pay for it.
Annabelle Says:
Had no idea it was ok to get a psychic to do you a reading and then get your money back too - and get two off of them while you are at it. lol. Maybe I should come to you and get ten expensive readings and then get my money back?! lol. Like any psychic site is going to be dumb enough to let that happen to them. You would soon be out of business, running at a loss. I used to work for a psychic business in the office and did not earn much, I would have loved to have been able to help myself to the psychics while I was there. If I can't then why should anyone else be able to?
hairymary Says:
Sounds like a comedy sketch. Two expensive readings, then tries to get the money back. Then a load of crap about the FBI and Police. Anyone with half a brain knows they will not be interested. What is wrong with people that they hate all psychics yet when they want a reading they are eager to speak to them - talk about two faced? I use a lot of different psychic sites, flitting from one to another as it suits. They all have terms of business that say you cannot have a refund! You agree to this when you book. But what has that got to do with you and your site !???? Like you I would refuse someone like this a reading too, nothing but lies and trouble and weirdness from these people. Stick to your genuine clients. I had a reading with Hilary a few weeks ago and it was very good, helped a lot, and am thinking of having the distant healing soon. Forget about the weirdos and you will be fine.
Blimey this ***** must have sent you a lot of really horrible emails for you to write this long blog. You post lots of articles and blogs and it is the first like it. Glad I don't know her.
Jackie Says:
Hi Hilary,

Thank you so much for the lovely reading you did for me a while back.
Very good as usual.

This blog caught my eye because I had saved and saved for my readings, I would never dream of expecting a long in depth reading for the price of a cheap one, let alone trying to get it for free!

I was out of work last year for five months (you may remember) so stopped having tarot and psychic for a bit. To me to have a reading and then try to get the money back is dishonest and greedy.

There was a case of a client taking a clairvoyant to court trying to get their money back after a reading. She had gone there for a visit to the clairvoyant's at her house. The court said no, cause she had had the reading. That was about six months ago and in my local paper. The woman had to pay the court costs and reimburse the psychic for loss of earnings while she went to court. She lost far more than she tried to gain. I often use pay pal to buy stuff online, and I know that you have agreed to abide by their terms and conditions. Find it really amusing someone thinks they can agree to them and then complain to the Police and FBI and drag your site into it too.

Maybe that is why the person cannot get a job?

Soon be the weekend. Don't let the weirdos get you down. Love Jackie.
libnotop Says:
My mum did psychic and tarot for a bit and someone very difficult and weird went to see her - a bit like this one - kept ringing her all the time, kept turning up on the doorstep. She tried to talk to her as if she had bought her lock stock and barrel and she had to always be availablel whenever it suited 24 7. My mum is a shy type, not the sort to stand up for herself or be rude so she put up with it for a bit. It was my dad who changed things. One day this pushy weird woman turned up thinking she could just walik in and be demanding again and my dad said mum was too busy to see anyone. Was having a rest for a few weeks and away with family. We never saw or heard from her again - thank goodness. My mum told me that she was not cut out for this work ;cause she could not handle the pushy types so stopped doing it, they were paying so little it was not worth it for her.

I went to see a lady who does face to face readings about a year ago. She told me of various characters who were pests and difficult. She was not shy, it just annoyed her and wasted her time. She set up a website and does it all online now, no more giving out her address or meeting people. Can understand why so many psychics use a professional name and a box number address, with weirdos about who try to take advantage.
The Fbi ! In her dreams !
hearts and flowers Says:
We once had a client who had an email reading from us, she then had another. Then she told pay pal she had not received them and tried to steal the money from us. When that did not work (we proved she had received them) she said the readings were "not accurate" and tried to bully us into giving it back. This was a few years ago. We shared the information with our three sister sites and blocked and banned her from our paid services. We are changing our service to pay per minute calls because of this and other stuff.
If this woman Laura is so smart and knows it all how come she is unemployed and cannot get a job !

maureeninIRELAND Says:
My boyfriend came to Beth Shepherd when we had a bust up and were angry with each other. Beth put him straight and we are now married and very happy together. I find it hilarious that someone would harrass, try to torment and vilify someone they have never even had a reading with.

I have had readings with clairvoyants, mediums and psychics where I paid them and was not happy with it, you just move on. No point to going on about it. I never tried to get my money back because they had still done their best, you just avoid them later.
SparklyDiamond Says:
Have read all of this very carefully. Have also had experiences that are similar as I work as a card reader. In the case of someone like this woman Laura think it is a case of empty vessels make the most sound. And the more she says the sillier she sounds. You can pick out a lot of lies or fantasies amongst it. I feel sorry for her. She must have such a boring and lonely and miserable life, but she should not take it out on strangers. Instead of going to psychics she would be well advised to consult a good psychiatrist who can hopefully get her onto the right track.
anonymousx Says:
Love this idea.

My mum works as a part time tarot reader. She used to do it full time but now wants to spend more time on holidays and seeing the family. It really annoys me when people contact her and say stuff like "we will come to see you sunday, there are four of us" or assume they can come along one day whatever time they like. They never ask her if she is busy them, if it is convenient to her. I told her to ignore them, or say she is busy but she is too nice for her own good. Sometimes I see her and she is exhausted, worn to a frazzle, because she has done so many that week. She is 86! Yes 86! And most of these people know that, but do they care? Selfish people.
IAN Says:
Good morning !

Have sent you our list of ******* clients and ex clients. Please send us yours when you can. Think this is a terrific idea. People are always on about protecting clients from clairvoyants but very often it is the clairvoyant who needs the protection. One of my friends used to do 1 2 1s in her home. She had two people come to see her who tried to beat her up and rape her, she was in a terrible state for months. They managed to escape with her takings for that day. Another friend had a nasty piece of scum sending her mails telling her she was doing the work of the devil and would roast in hell. She knew it was rubbish but it was upsetting.
richie Says:
Have sent you my details and the details of the ones who have been difficult nuisances over the past three and a half years....

Reading the other comments here goes

I agree with you that the £1.53 a minute should be more now. I am not in England, this does not affect me, I do not use those lines and never would, but it is unfair on those who use them that the price has not increased for such a long time.

One of the problems with being a psychic is that there are so many amateurs about. People like this woman you are warning us about are used to amateurish services from amateurish people. They cannot afford better, but they want better. They also want to be able to call all the shots and throw their weight about and be the big I am. They never get a chance to feel listened to or important in their lives so they try to
with this. I often get people writing to me saying stuff like "I know you charge $350 for an email reading but how do I know it is good?" and all the rest. Then they expect me to cancel bookings with clients and sit and write back persuading them to consult me. Some would expect me to write back and forth a dozen times. It is not worth my time. I am better off just getting on with the bookings I have and then resting. But they never think of that because it never occurs to them that I am busy and have other clients and do not need them! And I am sure that nine times out of ten if I did write back and forth to convince them they would still not consult me because they cannot afford it, that is just their way of getting a free session with me, of being in charge and feeling important for a while. They feel as if they are interveiwing me for a job and I must dance to their tune in the hope of getting it. That might work with an amateur but it does not with someone who works for a company or who is famous and busy. With them it is the other way around. A famous busy people is going to be able to pick and choose their clients and turn away people without it affecting them.

My website is a bit like yours Beth, it gives all the details and prices. Genuine people would look at them and decide from that. Not use the "I am not sure" ploy as a way to get free time off of me. And like you, I have staff, in my case a few ladies who take turns dealing with enquiries, so they would not reach me.

An example of some of the ungenuine things we have received -

You get this sort of thing from men - "Before I come and see her what colour is her hair and how long is it?" This is from guys who want to play with themselves while they see my details or hope that I will let them come to see me at my house and then jump into bed with them.

You get this sort of thing from women - "I am thinking of having a $20 reading but have to be sure first, how can you convince me?" - We would not reply to something like that. I charge more than $20, most do, and it is not worth our time to reply in the hope of getting so little. This is one of those who want to feel powerful like I am so short of money and work I need to jump through hoops to get a measly $20. Quite insulting.
wiserlady Says:
I work as a clairvoyant doing face to face readings AND online psychic readings. A few months ago I had a lady come round who got very pushy about wanting to stay a lot longer than the usual amount of time given. She got angry about being told her time was up, even though it had disappeared about half an hour before. I had to go out. I had plans. I had made arrangements to go somewhere important where I had to be there in about forty minutes. Did she care? No. Because I had to virtually throw her out - which was very difficult, as she was twice my size and very loud - she started being agressive and abusive.

A few days later a woman I had never spoken to before rung for an appointment. We sorted out when she would come and she was going to go to the website to pay ( I learnt ages ago it is dumb to give people an appointment without making sure they pay as most of them do not turn up then and leave you turning away other clients and staying in for nothing). Then this woman says to me am I such and such in such and such road? Yes. Oh dear she said. My friend said you are terrible. She came to see you the other day and you were very rude to her. Because the original lady had not been allowed to stay all evening and mess up my evening out - and get hours of my time for free, she was warning friends to avoid me. But she had lied to them. This was slander, but I could not prove it and I did not have the $200,000 it takes to take her to court for it.

If you ever hear someone bad mouthing a psychic remember this. That psychic has loads of very happy clients; They have loads of regular clients. So nine times out of ten the one who is at fault is the one moaning about him or her.
PsychicOne Says:
People try all sorts of tricks with us and assume we are stupid or naive. I have a clairvoyance site where people pay for psychic email readings. I tell them they can ask one question for so much, three questions or five questions. The other day some new woman comes along and says she only needs one question. She pays for it and gets her answer. Later that day she writes again and says oh sorry I forgot I reallly wanted to ask a different question, here is the question I should have asked! And she said this as though she could return and have another questions for free if she told me that she forgot to ask that before. Is this not the same as going into a restaurant and ordering chicken, paying for it and eating it and then telling the waiter you had "forgotten" to order lamb so should get a free lamb dinner? The day after she wrote again paying for the other question but put three questions! Of course, I only answered the one she paid for.
Lucy Says:
Hiya Beth. Don't forget that a lot of the online sites are psychic hotlines where they pay per minute. These types have to ring and pay or forget it, they have no way of contacting them with nasty emails or trying to get their money back. But you and I know that most of those lines are terrible. I would not ring them if they were offering totally free readings.
workaholic Says:
143 other sites have responded favourably. That is terrific. Am sure more will, and the word will get around. I sent you our details too.

Out of interest - we once had a woman who kept trying to phone our office blocking our business line. She thought if she rang us and then put the phone down and walked off for hours none of our customers could get through and make bookings. Why did she do this? No idea.l She may have had a reading with us but we will never know. What the silly woman forgot was that most businesses have about a dozen business lines, if not more, so it did not work. There are always people out there who are 8dbwidyhs******ksns to clairvoyants and mediums and psychics but they forget that whatever they do we have dealt with before and we know how to deal with it.

If I had my way we would be able to stop 2% of the new clients who turn up in our bookings because they are more trouble than they are worth and we would still be busy because we are good at what we do. So I hope the list you send us soon helps us to cut down the time wasters.

As a man who owns psychic websites amongst a World full of many women I do understand that women can be more emotional but that is not an excuse for being damn rite nasty.

One of my friends owns psychic sex hotlines. They never get any of this crap. Men pay for a chat, wnk off, end of. They donna get obsessed with the line or the girl they were chatting to. Some ring every day, some twice a day. None say they should get their money back - even though they spend a lot more on those daily calls than a woman does going to a good psychic once a month.

Personally I do know of a few psychic sites where they treat their womens like shite but I have a lot of respect for womens who have developed and learnt how to do good readings and hate this sort of thing.

This is a win win situation because it means that the good sites turn away and avoid the nasty peeps. So the nasty peeps can only go the sites of the fakes and the rubbish ones.
Have sent you my list of undesirables and banned individuals Beth. I know that all psychic clairvoyant sites compete for business but It is good we can help each other.
I know other sites that have done or will do as well.

Anyone wants to take up on this - we have been limited to charging £1.53 a minute for our telephone psychic readings for years. Much of that disappears in tax. Isn't it time that the authorities allow us to charge more per minute, seeing as our marketing , advertising and staff costs have risen over that time?
Claire VOYANT Says:
Found this blog very interesting and in a way amusing. I work under the name Claire Voyant, but it is not my real name. My clients are not allowed to know my real name. I know a lot of clairvoyants who have their original real name that their family and friends use and their professional name. It is a normal thing with clairvoyants as it is with actors, dancers, writers, singers and people who work creatively.

Five years ago I knew a woman who used her real name for everything - private, pleasure and work. I suggested to her that this was unwise and she ignored me.
She had a psychic email reading site and insisted on using her real name on it.
About a year later a man had an email reading from her and got very stroppy with her when she said that his wife would not return (four years later she has still not returned). He was so angry and upset about this prediction he started to stalk her and harrass her and soon turned up at her house in the middle of the night. She was horrified. The next time we spoke I said that perhaps now she would be more sensible and have a work name and a private name like I do. She sure did listen this time.
It is clear to me that this woman either makes things up and lies as she goes along, ignoring bits and making up bits, or is a total idiot or has mental health problems or maybe a mix of all three. Certainly lacks brains. She is lucky that you did not prosecute her for libel because it would have been an open and shut case. But like you I would not have bothered to organise a lot of time off of work for myself or staff to go to the Court about it, too expensive and she could not afford to fly over from Germany to attend the Court, which could take months.

Our company have ten different psychic site so I imagine that she would find fault with that and insist that is illegal, when it is normal practice in the psychic field and in many businesses. It ought to be obvious that a very busy and popular site has a lot of staff. But maybe the reason such people have to come to us psychics is because they lack sense and knowledge of how the World works, and need us to explain what we think is simple.

We have been online for about twenty years and have had two very difficult clients in all of that time. But they were clients. They had used our services and given us money. Why someone would write to us and then accuse us of ridiculous things when they have never used our proper paid for services is beyond me. We offer an excellent email psychic reading service and we test our psychics before we take them on. If someone were to complain about one of them we would know that the accusations are unjust because so many of our clients have been happy with them and we tested them ourselves.

One of our clients once asked us when she would have a baby. The psychic who did the reading told the truth and said that she could not pick up anything about a baby coming . The woman went ballistic and tried to get her money back. Yet it was the truth. Of course she never got her money back. And we banned her from the site because she bad mouthed us. It is very sad but some couples do not have babies, some women cannot get pregnant, some men cannot make women pregnant, sometimes things do not work out We found out later that this woman did not have a husband or boyfriend!
CheapPsychics Says:
Hi all,

Because people get problems like this we do things differently. We have a vast call centre and employ about 400 psychics. They sign on and log on when it suits them and log off when it suits them. We do not do rota and set hours. When a client comes to our site they choose one of the people on duty to speak to and they start to spend the moment they start to speak to her. All of the calls go through our computer system and are recorded. At the end of the call the computer notes that they were on the phone for ten minutes and thirty seconds or how ever long it was and their phone bill is charged at that moment. There is no escaping paying us. There is no way to get that back later. Our calls are cheap but we still get people trying it on. The other day we had someone email us telling us that they had had over an hour with one of our psychics but now realise that what she said was wrong blah etc. And want their money back. If they thought what the psychic said was wrong all they had to do was put the phone down, not carry on for over an hour. But they would not have got any of their money back because we have expenses, we are in business to make money and we still have to pay the psychic.

If I were a customer going to a psychic website for email readings and I was unsure about them I would go for a short basic cheap reading first. There is no excuse to have a long detailed one and then say they are no good they want a refund. And if they have more than one that is even more ridiculous. A wise person only has a short basic one if they are wary or want to test the waters. If they choose to have long readings or more than one at the same time they are either totally trusting of the psychic or willing to take the risk. I never get email readings,I prefer phone readings, and I am happy to admit that I have had four telephone psychic readings with Beth Shepherd this year. But I would think it is outrageous and disgusting to have the reading and then ask for the money back after - whatever the excuse.
USAPsychic Says:
Hi Beth, I love your site. As a psychic with my own busy website it is clear to me that you will have various staff, both psychics and those working behind the scenes. I wonder where people get these weird ideas from. It is almost as if they are jealous of us. Maybe they assume we should not charge and are angry they have to pay. Let me tell them something. My new website cost me $40,000 - yes $40,000 - and it is not as vast and as magnificent as yours Beth, I am quite envious of your site! I love the free reading pages and know they cost you a pretty penny. Suppose it sounds mean but when my website designer asked me if I wanted to ask those things to mine I said no because it is so expensive. If I were an ordinary man (or woman) of the street I would expect to have to pay a reasonable amount for a proper reading so that you can cover your time and costs.

If I go into a salon which is very clean, tidy and pretty with very skilled manicurists and hairdressers it will cost more than the tatty place around the corner with the ones with very little experience that nobody has ever heard of.

In the five years I have been online I have collected quite a few lists - some are undesirables for one reason and some are undesirables for another. Sometimes a client is difficult and then after a lot of trouble they say sorry and apologise, but in my case I still refuse to let them come to me again, because the odds are they will be difficult again.

Never ever have I had someone be disgusting towards me when they have never been a client! That is a new one on me, and there is no excuse for it.

I find it offensive and laughable that a person who is unemployed thinks they know all the ins and outs of trading online or being a psychic better than a psychic who has been doing it for many years and would be employing a proper lawyer about those bits when they need to.

If it is illegal for a site to have more than one staff then that must mean that all of the big sites like Amazon, Ebay and many others are breaking the law?!

Whatever went on between this woman and the original site she paid is between them. he has no right to contact other sites and attack them and make life difficult for them too.

If it were me I would block them and warn others too. We psychics have a difficult life without that.
maureenxxx Says:
Cannot understand why a person who ain't working is paying for readings. They cannot afford it. Suppose she thought she could "pay for it" and then get the reading and then get the money back too, and had planned it all along. Devious and greedy. No intention of paying.
Geezus...... ! We have a psychic website, we employ four people. You need to employ various people as you might get a hundred people or more per day wanting readings from you and one person cannot do it all. We have made a note of the name. We just hope she does not come to the site and book a reading through pay pal. If she does we will reimburse her the money and refuse to do the booking. It seems we have no choice as otherwise - if we do the reading - she will then turn nasty and demand her money back anyway. We know we can just refuse or ignore her but we can do without all of the time wasting and hassle too. We feel bad about turning away clients, not because of the money but because they need help. But people who are unemployed should not be paying for expensive readings, they should be taking more care about their income and spending;. maybe ring one of those very cheap call centres instead. And it looks to us as if this poor woman needs a good psychiatrist more than she needs a reading anyway.
partygirl Says:
Would serve her right if she paid for a reading with someone and they kept the money and would not send her the reading. Playing her at her own game. She is evil and she is twisted if she keeps emailing a site she has never had a reading from calling them names and abusing them and accusing them of things that are not even illegal. I wonder if she knows the difference between criminal law and normal law. The police do not deal with such stuff, I wish they did, I would gladly contact them on your behalf to get them to arrest her for harrassing you. You would have far more of a claim against her than she has against you or a psychic site. I suppose because she cannot get a job or a man she justs there brooding with anger all day wasting her time on being nasty to others.

It is obvious this woman knows nothing about the law or the due processes of it. She cannot work out the difference between criminal law and cases Police would be interested in or commercial and financial law which courts deal with.

I am a lawyer. I rarely deal with such cases. I once went through a similar thing when a man had come to my office to discuss a divorce, asked me out and then turned on me when I refused to date him. He besieged my office and staff with nasty emails and phone calls. The Police got involved and he was warned, he ignored the warning and was taken to Court due to harrassment , slander and libel. He was found guilty and told he had to pay my costs and £30,000 compensation. But as he was struggling to pay for the divorce he had nothing, it was all a waste of my time. But it gave him the jolt he needed to realise that he would never get a date with me. He could not bully me into going out with him. A few years later I heard quite by accident that he was in a mental hospital. I was not surprised.

Incidentally I agree with you about not employing her - nor would I - not just for the reasons you gave but because she is so stupid. She would not last five minutes in my busy office. I am sure you have dealt with strange time wasting odd people before, and she seems to have forgotten that, just as she has forgotten that people who own successful businesses with a lot of staff would be well versed on the law and how to deal with such things and people. She sounds more like a silly little girl than a grown adult.
TarotReadingsOnline Says:
We thank you sincerely for this warning.We have banned her now.
jane Says:
Oh dear. I have had a good laugh reading this. As if the Police have nothing better to do with catching criminals than to listen to the ramblings of a lunatic and follow them up! And has not even been a client! Gets more ridiculous as it goes along. Thank you for the thumbs up. I have a website that offers tarot card readings - I employ six staff (I suppose this lunatic would say that means I am breaking the law and going to prison soon and threaten me with vile emails). We will make sure she does not harrass us too. I am sorry you have these problems with her. Thank goodness most of the clients are normal and decent and nice.