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22nd April 2019

Category: My Psychic Life

Good afternoon all.  What a lovely sunny day it is today and what a lovely temperature too, not too hot and not too cold. I hate it when it is so hot you are tossing and turning and find it hard to get to sleep or stay asleep. Ice cream weather. And at this time of the year I get some time to spend with my gorgeous partner and family because as the weather gets better peoples' spirits tend to lift and less people consult psychics about woes. Either they somehow just enjoy the moment and the weather and those things become less important, or they get them into perspective or they push them into a box for a while. Of course I am here for those who need me but please if you do not then continue as you are because it is great for me to have less consultations to do.  It is nice for me to be able to snatch a few hours here and there for fun and laughter and nice for me to know that you are all happy.

Most of those who come to me want my help with relationship situations so maybe when the weather is nice and the days longer they just do not care about those things so much?  Perhaps when they are stuck indoors with it raining or snowing outside everything about people and marriage and love seems to be far more important,  especially if waiting for the phone to ring or waiting for a meet. See also blogs of

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You will find that my staff are working hard to filling my site with interesting articles for you to read. So please enjoy them. Please feel free to join in!  The blog pages allow you to put your own comment (of course my staff check these and only let genuine ones through, so please do not bother to try if you are yet another SEO company wanting to advertise your services).

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Nicola Says:
Will be great when the weather is better, but by the way thank you very much for the lovely reading your Hilary did for me a few days ago. Really helped me a lot. I read all of the blogs and am working my way through the articles, but my favourite pages are the prayer page and the free reading pages.