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11th June 2019

Category: My Psychic Life

11th June 2019 Beth Shepherd psychic medium


Hello everyone,

What a lovely sunny day it is and - I must be honest and admit this to you, I have been so snowed under with work for ages now that I have often been having to work evenings and weekends too, and it is getting to me, it really is,  my man - who is lovely - is complaining that he hardly ever sees me now, and people I usually see regularly think I have holed myself up in my office never to be seen again, I missed out on a birthday party and a big evening out because of it. So today is a day off for me. Yes a day off. This must be the first time in years I have had a day off.  Unlike the majority of people I do not have days off where I go off on holidays because I am too tied to helping my clients - can you imagine if they paid for a psychic email reading and were waiting up to five working days and then found out I was enjoying myself and it would take a lot longer !? 

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It is easy for the people who do clairvoyance as a hobby,  where they can still do one reading here and there while they are off relaxing, but I get flooded with them every day, I would have to be the same with all of them, and the only way I can stick with it is to have no holidays.  In fact the last one I ever had was when I was about seventeen way before I started this work.  And I am now in my sixties.  My partner is insisting we change this - so watch out.  He says it is very unhealthy and wrong.  And he says he is sure that clients would agree with him. Do you?

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Shirley Says:
Clairvoyance is a great hobby, I go to a circle and go to a spiritualist church, once I had a terrific message from a psychic medium.
Each to their own.

My favourite thing is to sit in the garden and watch the sun rise, with a cup of coffee and a couple of cookies.

Listening to the birds.
MavisisGay Says:
My friend Amy has never ever had a holiday and she is in her 70s now,I reckon it is unhealthy and am with your partner on this one. But there is also the fact that you need to just chill for a bit so you can be invigorated and your partner or family or whoever needs to have some precious time with you where they come first. Maybe a few weeks with your partner or family would not only recharge you but make them feel very special and that would be well worth it, even if you are chomping at the bit to get back to whatevedr it was you turned your back on for a few weeks.
farmgirlusa Says:
Totally agree. It is hard. We have three goats and two pigs on a tiny farm out back. Lots of fun but hard work too. We sometimes want to just get away and escape all of this but then we go and then we miss them. Our kids love playing out the back and it is safe there, no other places around where you can get creeps and kiddy fiddlers from, no need to keep watching them all the time, so it is easy to relax here. We don't have a television and we don't go out much, everything we need is here, we have each other.
Betty Says:
Wow. I have never ever heard from anyone before who has gone without a holiday for so long - and working evenings and weekends too. Think your partner is right Beth. You need a break, even if it is just to recharge your batteries so that you are fresher when you are working. But no matter how determined you are to help your clients as quickly as possible you need a life of your own too, and so does your guy. Hope he can get you to let your hair down a bit soon.